Ashfall - a hardcore (but newbiefriendly) community driven RP project from Germany! Inviting you to play! [ GER/ENG ]

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3 hours ago, MootRed said:

RP - im game.

Cool! The global chats are free for all, but local is RP bound. Some players enjoy the global banter, but if i am online ill stick to local to interact!
If you already know what you want to do, and its alchemy we also can for a union of apothecaries :D

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Edited by Arathok
unintentional mislabeling

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1 hour ago, Brash_Endeavors said:

Just curious why you listed this as "PVE" instead of "Mixed," which is what this is.


In the past, some people have flagged pvp enabled servers as "PVE" to try to lure people there, "encouraging them to at least try it," but it is usually resented when players find they cannot move beyond a limited guard protected area without being pushed into PVP play. Also nearly everyone is either going to start in Southern Shores as the only way to have access to an early game forge, iron, and priest statuettes, or everyone simply makes multiple alts and starts one in each kingdom.


PVP seems to be a core part of the server design, and it would seem a lot more honest to label it as either PVP or at least as Mixed. 


It's not really a PVE server at all. Eighty percent of the map is off limits to pve only players. 


I recommend you ask the mods to move this to "Mixed."








Im sorry it was not my intention to misguide.

I didn't want to double post, as you can see the first map we played on was 100% PVE This map change is a bit different and i will delete the update post and post it in mixed as a new post.


on Southern Shores: I think you misinterpret: Southern shores has clay yes, (but so does mid) but you can smelt iron in a campfire. Players are free to move between the kingdoms because as long there are no guard towers yet and even if developed you can sneak through. they don't really have to fear anything. You can use transforming liquids in the late game to transform tiles to clay. ( me personally will start in the swamp and then get a cartload of clay from the center and bring it back)
also any Kingdom has Iron in its Mines. People can't make alts, as we have a one player policy.
But: There is many playstyles and people are free to chose what they want to do. If they all wanna start in shores thats fine, but they wont have tar for ships (charcoal piles are SLOW) they dont have the other metals for metal compounds. Each kingdom brings something to the table here.

On Eighty percent not being accesible by pve only players: 
Players are free to move across the map, only the middle part of the map is a pvp zone, the other zones are pve kingdom zones, where of course other players can be attacked by guards, but not by other players and neither can they destroy other player structures. So "technically" its not really pvp either. But i guess thats a definition everone has their one view on.

Again, i apologize for mislabeling the server here. It was never my intention to lure anyone into anything they don't like.

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