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Affinity timer wrong, might be bug

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Posted (edited)

I've noticed that my newly made affinity meals timer in pan are 10 times less then normal. As there was no food update explained by in game support. My "old" affinity meals and pizzas are not effected, only the recently made ones


so reporting as it might be just that my toon is bugged or might be for more peeps out there.


Using this website to make affinity meals:


My passive is Chain armor smithing, target is woodcutting.



chopped Basil

chopped Belladonna

chopped Corn

chopped Cucumber

chopped Garlic

chopped Lettuce

chopped Nettles

chopped Oregano

chopped Parsley

chopped Pea Pod

chopped Potato

chopped Rosemary

chopped Sage

chopped Sassafras

chopped Thyme

chopped Tomato

Ground Nutmeg


minced Fowl




Now your thinking i made a mistake in that, but no. affinity target came out as woodcutting. As usual for 18 ingredients i get 3hrs+ timer. However this time i had 28mins. I tried to make few pizzas the beefy ones that i get 10hrs+ frome ach bite, i got 1hr of affinity timer.

"fix cooking affinities" is enabled 2-3years ago. so thats not a problem.

Made Food coming out is around 94ql, ingredients i use are as per requirements on website chopped/minced and so on they are at 90-100ql range.


I think i covered everything i could possibly think of, if not... request more information in this post

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Yes, i noticed that too after making a huge batch of 'casseroles" Usually they give me 3-5 hour for random fill ups, gave me MINUTES. 



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Posted (edited)

Did you make the pizza with ingredients that were pre-chopped from an FSB?  Seems the issue with them ruining affinity timers may still be around.

Try making it again but chopping them all in your inventory. (Yes it's a pain in the ass to do each time.)




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good post from the past. i made tons of pizzas for sale and for myself this year and the post was made after i started pizzas/meal and never had this happened to me or people i had talk to. everything is from fsb prepared, chopped stored.


It was not a issue for making thousands of them. it all began recently.... is this is a recurring bug i have no idea or if it is the case... but either way it should not be that way if it is. to much time is invested in the current stock.


Last time i remember i had good pizza/meal timer was before coffee update. if this will help anyhow



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i have the same issues, my meals used to give med 1.5-2h aff timer, all i made recently is 20-30min.

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