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Colossus Lake Canal Improvements

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Greetings from North East Indy! 

The deeds of Bela Areo and Bela Stellamant have come together to make some much needed improvements on Colossus Lake Canal. The Canal rests on both deeds and the perimeter between them. 

Prior to the start of the improvements, large boats could not pass through without having to drag them through the East opening. That has been rectified so all boats can pass freely! Lighting has been placed and a foot/vehicle path has been created that runs the length of the Canal. I have had quite a few travelers mention in local that they have had a hard time finding the East entrance. So a marked lighthouse, pottery brick bridge and lighted signs hopefully make it easier to find. 

We are now in the process of raising the ceiling. And in the near future will begin reinforcing the Canal floor. I am including some pictures of our work so far and will include more as work progresses. Thank You and Happy Wurming!


Amant Novi~ Lady of Bela Stellamant

Jasono Novi~ Mayor of Bela Areo









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looking good to me

Traipse Lodge Owner of Fir Retreat

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OMG !!!  That is amazing. Great Job, Well Done!


Nice improvement to the infrastructure of Indy!


Warmest regards,



PS: Love your signature line LOL

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Thank you all! Things have progressed nicely since my last post. Waiting to take more pics until a few more things are completed. But the difference from when this was started...huge! 

Jasononovi has done such a wonderful job. Big shout out to him! 

More pics soon!

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