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More Food Bin Options

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Atm there is a plethora of bulk storage options: bulk bins, racks for empty bulk bins, and bulk storage units.


However, we still have just food storage bins.


It would be nice for both functionality and aesthetics to have similar options for food storage as we have for bulk storage.


Not to mention other food storage options, such as keeping and perhaps even raising live fish. Sacks for keeping large amounts of seed, flour, and other low volume items.


What else may come to mind?


Edit: Oh neglected to mention the development work can theoretically be relatively easier as most of the code work was already done with bulk storage unit development. Granted the gfx devs would have more work, and of course there's always debugging. 😵

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i totally +1 this, atm there s an FSB for vegetables, an FSB for fruit, an FSB for meat, an FSB for ... i think you get what i mean ;)

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