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Silver Birch Landing

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Welcome to SBL Horse Market, Self Serve only.

We're easy to find on Xanadu, S14, then look out for 2 red Colossus. Remember where you sailed for the Lunalong? or follow Jpoppers Cogs to get here. There is a Cog with red sails on at all SF Isles leading you to the right place to cross, they'll have names like "Release to Xanadu v14" etc. All Cogs with red sails are on the north of your Isle. It's also possible to find us by using Xanadu's Highway.



4 Speed horses as of 17/01/2022, 50 Copper each, regardless of color and additional traits.








Thank You for shopping at Silver Birch Landing :) 



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Very nice set up! and was very easy to spot from the coast, I managed to walk away with only 2 horses (I may have some sort of addiction) 😀 


looking forward to seeing what else you add in the future 😊


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