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Doing permissions for lots of things at once (particularly in pvp settings and other things such as setting all your hitching posts in a breeding area to only be able to be used by people who breed horses for example). Being able to save a group of permissions would be amazing, as people often have the same set of permissions for most things on their deeds (such as pvpers having the whole kingdom having access to boats/wagons to move them around in case of raids, players with alts always wanting all their own alts to have access to everything their mains have and so on.)


Pardon my superb paint skills demonstrating this idea as it may make others feel inferior



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Setting permissions is a very boring task in Wurm if you play with a larger group.

This could be a solution to the issue.

On the long term to keep items security over time where the trusted group of people may change please change how the friend permission settings work to the same logic as the "Alliance", "Citizens" and "Kingdom" group settings work:


When friend groups are added to a permission, clicking Apply will convert the group into the individuals and all the player names in the friend group will get personal permissions instead.


Set the permission for a friend group the same way as the "Citizen" etc. groups so when friend list changes the permissions are changing accordingly (this may prevent major issues of unwanted permissions left on items upon changing friend lists).


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Posted (edited)

100% support,  this would be so helpful


I purchase a lot of raw materials from people and its not uncommon to have 2-3 people showing up on my deep to make random drops.


With the current system I have to set the "everyone" to have drop/unload perms, or take even more time to create individual permissions for them.


I also have people who help out with projects on my deed, set up remote warehouses on it, and will soon be working on a canal under it


In addition,, I have a lot of friends in wurm, and a lot of trusted friends, on top of everything I said before. Of trusted friends alone I have a handful I'd trust with the ability to disband my deed, I have some I'd trust to use my deed like it was there own,  and some still that can pretty much do everything built destroy buildings.


That's just trusted friends, of regular friends, I have merchants I keep tabs on, friends from chat, and friends I've known awhile but live so remote there's no reason to give them unique perms


Friends/Trusted friends is nice, but oblivions suggestion is 100x better. Id go so far as to suggest removing trusted friends from the game and implementing his idea as a replacement.


Being able to just set someone with a "merchant preset" or "agent in absence" would be infinitely more useful. Frankly the entire role system is archaic and extremely outdated, Oblivions suggestion would be a welcome first step into updating it


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