Verdant Monastery in Cadence Recruiting

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Hello all, 


Verdant Monastery is looking for fellow monastics. We are located at I13 in Cadence just NW of Sonata. Currently, there is a full stable, plenty of fields, an Inn to sleep in, and a training hall for would be fighters.


The Monastery is dedicated to Fo, his followers, and all nature lovers . The Avatar of Fo himself is a frequent guest, hehe! 


Rooms are available at the inn for those starting out. There is also plenty of space for housing. It's great place to begin while exploring the vast Northwest wilderness of Cadence! Message Toadlin in-game if interested or reply here. 


Mining Entrance



The Green Toad Inn



The Sylvan Workshop



The Holy Oak Shrine



The Divine Ram Stable


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Sure are! Send a message to Toadlin or Frogala when in game :) Also by Solway Firth  or Lakewatch on the highway system.

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