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Lost Water's General (Arch woods/frags, arrows, + Misc Items)

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Lost Water’s General Store


(Sales Delivered COD or by Wagoner as Appropriate. Stock only as seen below.)

Contact Sparoh in CAD for sales


Specialty Shelf

Pumpkin Pauldron - 3s

Black Bear Helmet (bronze) - 5s

Mask of Deception - 5s

Valriel Item - 10c


Woodworking Isle

Tenons 10c


Pegs  10c

Rosewood (1)

Hazelnut (1)


Shafts 30c

Orleanderwood (3)

Planks 70c
Camellia Wood



Fragment Box

Sold out, check back later


The (Anything and Wine) Bar

(ships in appropriately sized container)

Very Strong Moonshine (45kg) - 1s 25c for 45kg

Strong White Wine (34kg) - 2c/Kg
Low Qlty Root Beer/Cherrisade/Strawberriesade - 2c/10kg

Low Qlty Hazelnut Oil/Nutmeg Oil - 1c/1kg



Hot Food Bar
(ships in appropriately sized container or plate)

Burgers (~40 qlty, 2+kg) - 3c
Mountain Goulash (~20 qlty, 14kg) - 2c/2Kg
Make it a Combo (add fries) 1c
Make it a super combo (add fries, cookie, and a jar of juice or root beer) 4c

Movie Special (Popcorn and candy) 2c


2c Bin

1 qlty 20 hunting arrow (0 available)

1 quiver (1 free with every purchase of 41 arrows)

1 cotton sheet

5c Box

Mid quality Thick Ropes (14 available)

20-30 Quality leather armor/Studded leather armor pieces

Test/Buy Your Metal
Mid Qlty Lumps, prices for 1kg

Electrum lump (17Kg) - 3c

Steel (2kg) - 1c
Bronze (.4 Kg) - 1c

Used Tool Bin - 2c
(Low quality tools/heads/weapons because I am arch obsessed)
Axe Head - Silver
Butchering knife Blade - Iron, Copper
Carving Knife - Iron
Chisel Blade - Zinc
File Blade - Silver

Hammer Head - Iron, Tin

Large Maul Head - Tin

Long sword Blade - copper

Pickaxe - Gold
Rake Blade - Copper
Scissors - Iron

Shovel Blade - Gold


Bulk Goods
small crate sent via wagoner. 15c per crate)
~40 Qlty Wheat (2 crates available)

~40 qlty cotton (1 crate available)



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I just want to say this is extremely cute, Love the whole idea of a general store. ❤️


The Hunting arrows are QL 20 yeah? I'll take all 100 hunting arrows (4s right? xD)

and a quiver please :D


Cod to Kookii please!

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Ahoy, please COD the following to Bat:

  • 1x Rosewood peg
  • 1x Hazelnut peg
  • 1x Oleanderwood shaft


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