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Right now we have 600+ recipes in the game, but it feels like the only reason to make most of them is for the journal achievement of 500 recipes.


I propose a change to how food, and food affinities work as follows:


The first change would be that one recipe alone doesn't fill your entire CCFP bar. We should be eating more than one thing to satisfy hunger. On top of this one kind of food, eating the same thing over and over endlessly shouldn't satisfy hunger.


This leads me to the second change. Have food be tied to the affinity timer it gives you, until the timer wears off your character cant gain any more hunger/food from the same recipe so no spamming one kind of meal to live off for example pizzas.


Third. Beverages sure we can drink water all day but why don't other beverages give us bonuses unique to the beverage. Add a new stat to CCFP for thirst saturation. Have this affect how quickly you water goes down and if you can drink more, change the current stat that affects thirst to a stat that affects temporary food affinities, have it be a percentage based boost that when full would be a 10% boost to each food affinity and when empty would leave a food affinity only giving a 5% boost.


Let us stack food affinities up to 3. if food of the same recipe cant be eaten more than once per affinity it means having multiple good foods could be essential especially to those who go out of their way for it.


Let food be useful, let drinks be useful. Hunger and thirst shouldn't be a second thought.



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No thanks.  Cooking has a lot of depth for those who want to dive but those of who don't want to dive will not appreciate being forced to anyway.


For those who just want to keep functioning, this would be an enforced extra level of fiddly grind for no good purpose.

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forced to eat variety and a lot - NO, LOL

Even thought it is exactly that right now.. except it's down to eating 5-10/+ pizzas/meals


BLACK DESERT had this RIGHT, they had lets say 10.... even if it was ~2-300 recipes... you'd actually need like 10, and really use 2-4 at most normally, what I mean is... they all give some kind of buff to something.. but "elite" food was a set of several things you normally use every day.. in other simple words... 2 or 3 meals buffing you for all your characteristics, 1 meal to buff you for all carpentry and all of it's sub skills, and such, at first I imagined we'd get something simple as that.. but no... lol.. we had to go wild.. and get that wild unhandled hell of a mess cooking update where you have 0 means to track wt* you do and you need spreadsheets to calculate affinities(to this day LUL there's no management ingame to write own recipes or lore to see wt* that random salad or meal combination you mixed just now will give you if you finish it.. you only get to see the difficulty of the meal but not what affinity you should expect to get)


I don't think it's possible to get out of the hell we live in... qol will be to update lore to show affinity of cooked recipe mix you have in the frying pan, baking stone, etc..

Recipes with multi affinities are possible.. maybe with new container or special ingredient to separate them from normal recipes.


Besides that .. it's definitely dumb to put people into more micromanagement and eating 10-20x types of things every 1-2 hours or make it 6 hours.. it's still annoying at this point to do that 1-2-3 times daily, hunger is 1 thing, affinity timers are another.. managing it right now is hell, caffeine is additional hell with it's oddities, it's a big unpleasant daily chore to go trough.


New players have it good... ignorance is bless.. heat ql20+ meal(1 meat, several veggies) and you have all ccfp bars filled and 80-90 nutrition.. (yes it is simple to maintain this, but affinities and caffeine gets you into some weird min-maxing and trying to get difficult management of water/ccfp/hunger with limited options for "management")

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