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CLOSED! 4 Output Male Calf Auction

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This Male calf is looking for a home where he can award its proud owner with 4 fantastic Output Traits. I would like to auction this bull 

It gives more resources. It seems prize winning. It looks plump and ready to butcher. It has a slow metabolism. It seems vibrant. It looks stationary.


Starting bid: 40c

Increment (minimum): 20c

Sniper protection: 1 hour

Private bids: None

Buyout: Possible

Reserve: None


Cross Server Coastal Deliveries available 1s (Independence deliveries 50c-70c depending on location)

Auction will be closing in 4 days 


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delivery is 1s @Reflekted so that would be 1s+ whatever you bid above Adog. let me know if you want to edit your post or cancel your bid. i will make delivery fees clearer


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