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A second skills tab

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I find myself torn between worlds.


On one hand, I love my 1.0 skills updates. I like my skills tab flashing with Great News, I've just hit a title and need to search my Event log for what it was! Or maybe I've gone up a characteristic! Wow!



You may not like it, you may not agree, but this is what peak performance looks like


But I'm also a huge analytics nerd. So the ability to crunch some serious numbers stands out to me! But I know with volume comes laziness, and I know I can (and will) miss entire titles with "show every tick"


Introducing: the simplest solution I could think of:



With every slaying my photoshop skills only get stronger


For extra credit, allow me a third tab so I can finally have favor updates and alignment somewhere that doesn't get me excited about a skill tick, nor lost in the noise of everything else.

For extra EXTRA credit, allow me to hide a tab so I don't have a constantly lit tab, and can simply pull the logs for analytics when I like.

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