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WTA - Supreme 50kg Anvil

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Supreme 50kg Anvil

[14:12:39] A large, heavy metal anvil. You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Tomomi'. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Ql: 91.0934, Dam: 0.0.


In my efforts to return 50kg anvils to their original owners, I was lucky enough to have one go supreme (Thanks to the imping skills of @Gumbo). While I would like to return this to the original owner, it does not seem possible. The character that it belongs to is no longer in wurm ([14:13:02] Player not found with the name Tomomi). Which tells me that either the character was lost when JKHome was removed, or it was a non premium account that got deleted. With no logs or proof of ownership, I have decided to auction it and use the funds I get to find more 50kg anvils to imp and return. So here is your chance to get a Supreme piece of history. Something that has withstood the sands of time. 


Starting bid: 50s

Increment (minimum): 1s

Sniper protection: 1 hour

Private bids: None

Buyout: None

Reserve: None







Supreme forges are not included :P 

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