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Calico Merchant Sales

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Calico Merchant Sales

Please stop by and visit us at K21 on Indy

Self service horse sales some breeding pairs available

3 speeds w/o the water trait

4 speeds with Misc or Combat traits

Occasionally cattle and  white/black/grey sheep with output traits

Draft Bison and  horses are coming soon

I am currently working on horses to list here 

but until then we have some in the sale pens on deed and are taking offers on the following items:

White dotted flowers x20 @ 18c each

sprouts/seedlings available at current market price

91, 85 &84 ql forges available,

Floor looms, spinning wheels and rope tools available will update items asap. 

More items located on the two merchants on Calico Harbor Deed


PM offers in game to Kielynna or Kaitlin

Or you can leave an offer here if we're not online

(warning: I dont always check the forums when in game)







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wrong position of the deed

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