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On the Uniques Union Strike

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As some of you may be aware, fewer Uniques have been turning up to slayings recently. The cause of this has been an organized strike from the Uniques Union over working conditions. Conditions for them to resume include:


  1. Safer working conditions (workplace injuries and deaths are extremely common for Uniques!)
  2. Better pay (given we don't pay them, this is quite confusing)
  3. Better working environment (last year we gave them an entire lamp! Spoiled!)
  4. Better access to food (often, this is the fault of them for refusing to eat the meat we leave on the floor. If we remember to do so)


While we are in negotiations over this, we have put in hiring flyers for temporary workers. To our luck, we have found one willing to work who is unaware (or otherwise weary) of the Uniques Union!


Mr or Ms Forest Giant will be joining us this Sunday (as to not conflict with the 100 PAS party also this weekend), come and give them a warm Freedom Isles greeting at Bruce's Flying Circus, N13 - we're on the highway system!




Turn up early or your pay will be docked.


Our Unique Artist is also on strike (something about a lack of holiday hours for him to reach 100 channeling) but just imagine the front of the Circus with pickets on the floor, with a shadow of a Forest Giant cast over the whole scene.

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I don't want to assume gender and ask what the mrs. looks like or can she be pointed out for I have heard tell a few ex girlfriends, ex wives, ex mother-in-laws as well as current that may or may not closely resemble in appearance, that of the forest giant.  (esp. in the morning with morning breath and morning hair.) 

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Sourcey Sorceries has opened South of Bruce's Flying Circus next to Gaffer's Gublin Hutt.
It will be open before and after the public slays, where you can:
Get your bloods mixed - both new and old ones (remember to bring source salt or crystals)
Get your weapons and tools imbued (remember the correct potions and bloods for this)
Donate potions and bloods if you are not going to use it yourself so people in need can get it ;)

Today's Special is Woodcutting Potions, so bring hatces!

I do this for free and first comes first serves.
(My natural substances is 95+ and will provide higher imbue and potion rates!)

I gladly take donations in the form of source crystals, source salt, potions and bloods.


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Thanks Stanlee & Co.  Skull will be a nice addition to my building.

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