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Dude where’s my cart? - A pointless short story

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So I thought to myself “dude where’s my cart?”



4:02 am I awake to a loud bang. I wiped my face with my hand and peeled myself off of my warm straw bed, sat up and let my feet fall onto the cold slab floor beneath me.

I could hear rustling and shifting of metal and wood from the workhouse down the hill from my cottage. 


In a dimly lit dawn fog I wandered out towards the work house, where no lanterns lit my way. Darkness all but surrounded me. When I entered the doorway I bumped into Draydoor. 
“Oh! Sorry wolf did I wake you?” He said in a rushed whisper. 
“No, I was just waking up” I responded. 
I shambled through the black that occupied the workhouse when the forges were not lit, searching my pockets for my steel and flint. 
*tik tik tik*

Through the darkness the embers of the flint striking against the steel burned with the intensity of 10 99ql lanterns.


With the warmth of a kitten and the ferocity of a lion the fire jumped to life, scratching away at the darkness until it bled back into the unattended corners of the work house. 

I scanned the room. 


I got bored of writing I’m at work, maybe I’ll write more later 

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On 11/7/2021 at 2:07 AM, perji said:

there's no cart in this story. 2/10

Well, that is probably why the question "where is it?"

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