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Insight message when drinking black coffee

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When I drank black coffee made from foraged coffee, I received a message for "more of an insight about meditate" and the meditate timer affinity icon showed up with affinity duration.


When I drink black coffee made from coffee cherries, I receive a message for "more of an insight about gardening" but the affinity icon still shows meditate and the duration.


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Hi Thalorane,
Thank you for reaching out.

I have run tests using coffee from foraged beans vs coffee from coffee cherries. Both seem to give me the same affinity.
I did however notice that when making coffee using whole coffee beans vs ground coffee beans, I would get different affinities - which is intended.
Please let me know your thoughts on whether this could explain the different affinities, or if there are other variables at play here I can look into.

Hope all is well,

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