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What's the buzz about caffeine?

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8 hours ago, Rhea said:

If anyone created new recipes list for coffee , tea and cacao yet ? Or we need to discover all of them on our own ?

I checked old recipe list on google sheets but nothing seems new there yet.  Please be kind and share link if you know it !


Been dealing with major rl problems lately and do not know where even to start regarding roasting beans etc. 

 Or how to make Green tea or Kahvesi for example ? Any tips greatly appreciated! Thanks !🤗


Foraging gives cacao beans, tea seeds and green coffee beans (bush tiles seem to have better chance). All of them can be planted to pottery planters for mass production.

By growing tea seeds and harvesting planters you will get green tea leaves. How to get other tea types was mentioned in above comments, however you will need green tea leaves for all of them.

Teas are made in tea pot inside the oven: (white/yellow/brown/green/oolong) tea leaves + water


green coffee beans + roasting dish + oven = coffee beans (roasted)

coffee beans (roasted) + mortar and pestle = ground coffee beans

ground coffee beans + water + coffee ibrik + campfiire = Kahvesi (1:1 ground coffee bean and water ratio by weight)


other coffee recipes are know out of the box, just check your in game cooking window.

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Thank you Ajala, other kind soul also shared it with me earlier. Just need time to grow all those new seeds and see if I can discover some new recipes, will share it for sure.

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Thx Ajala for sharing! Now I can use my tea leaves for different tea's other then green tea:)


Its funny tho, that if you put the green tea leaves in a roasting dish in an oven, you still get the message: "You think this may well work when cooked. Current difficulty:40."

But nothing happens, but as soon as you put it in a campfire, it turns to white tea leaves...

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