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(pvp) Overhaul of battle rank, rewards & titles

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Hello all, please bare with me as I try to explain my idea. It's one that I have voiced to several pvp players and had good feedback and thus it was suggested I make a post on here. My suggestion is based on Defiance and the NFI cluster. However I'm sure most of these ideas could be adjusted (somehow) and implimented on SFI or epic as well, however for this post I'll be specifically talking about the NFI cluster.



Firstly change it so there is no battle rank decay. Long gone are the days when any pvp server had enough population to sustain the current system. A select few people who put in a lot of effort and roamed daily in the kingdom that was doing the best on the Defiance launch were able to make the cut and got the Warrior title (10 players got it in BL). Only two players have had it in JK with a great amount of effort way beyond playing casually. I realise it is meant to be a difficult achivement however that was just the first title unlocked where you only need 100 rank. At 500 rank is the next title and then 900 for the 3rd!


Even with players actively roaming daily on a pvp server where it can go weeks (or months) between major fights some players have lost out to the battle rank titles due to reasons completely out of their control. One player got banned for about 2 hours accidently because a GM made a mistake, the ban completely reset their battle rank. Also during the full raid ban (that one time Friede become mayor of Malice after Johnny dropped the deed writ on death lul) a lot of people were close and by the time the raid ban was lifted almost everyone was back down to 0.


So my suggestion would be to completely remove decay and even add it in so that claiming a battlecamp, draining an enemy deed or looting a roaming depo gives +1 rank.



For those that play on NFI there is no way to bring back home their trophies and loot. On many MMORPG's (take WoW for example) they offer a system to earn cosmetic rewards over time to reward the players for taking the time to actively go out and pvp. Anything other then cosmetic rewards would just be too much and I'd hate to see item transfer between Defiance and Freedom. However what if we had a reward system like the premium marks or like the Rift Points? What if we used battlerank as the counter for how many points you have to spend?


It could be a system exactly the same as the other two. All you would need to do is right click on the mailbox.. select pvp rewards and there could be a list of cosmetic items such as skins. We already have the graphics for the different wagons ingame, the kingdom skins for wagons could be on there as well as flags, banners, military tents. Hell why not even have some super high point rewards for having the crown as a skin to put on an open helm since the model is already in the game. These are all just ideas of course.



Before the HOTA (hunt of the ancients) changed there used to be several titles available for the winning team. 5 titles in total rewarded for being part of the winning alliance 1, 3, 5, 10 and 20 times. Because the system changed these titles are no longer working and it would be nice to see them changed so that now perhaps if you capture a battlecamp that results in a win that counts as 1. Do it 20 times and that's all of the titles. I'm not sure if the hota titles not working is simply just a bug but if it isn't it would be nice to see them in the game again.


So that's it, would love some feedback or other ideas. The whole point of this suggestion is to try to offer incentives to come over onto Defiance and PVP and to try to make the server a little more active. Give people some goals to work towards whether it's for title hunters or cosmetic hunters since aside from skilling (which arguebly is better on freedom because of PoK) and hunting for sleep powder (which is a rare drop) there is not much of a reason to play on Defiance especially for someone new.

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More titles, more cosmetics, and even more reason for people to get on Defiance and actually engage in PvP? Hell yeah


Tabard, flag, and wagon skins for NFI freedom would be great

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This is a splendid idea -- im all for new cosmetic items and long term rewards

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Just some notes about your suggestions:


There used to be no battle rank decay, it was removed during Epic. I'm not entirely sure why to be honest, probably to promote more PvP. There was also +rank to doing missions and HotA. And no disrespect to other players, but.. most of the max ranked players on Epic that got Warlord (1900+) were getting maybe 10-20% of that rank from PvP and the rest from more safer options like missions. Ranks always been a rather moot thing, but giving it for anything but PvP made it more moot. However, draining an enemy deed I could see as a rank-gaining action. That's fair. 


I personally like rank decay because it pushes people to take risks, but I think the window to decay could be extended to be longer. Once you give rank value though, you have to realize how it's going to change how people play. If you can cash-in your rank points, suddenly the idea of making riskier plays isn't worth it. You're probably going to play more conservatively and safer knowing you can lose your rank and gear. While I understand your suggestions and even I'm 'meh' about rank, I don't know if using it as a currency for items would be a good idea.


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+1 in terms of Cosmetic Rewards and Hota + Battlerank Titles.


8 hours ago, Postes said:

I personally like rank decay because it pushes people to take risks, but I think the window to decay could be extended to be longer. 


I'm in agreeance of what Posteh has said though. Maybe not remove decay completely, but extend the decay window. Also allow us others means of gaining rank to stop the decay also when no enemies want to PvP. As Posteh said back on Epic we could get rank from Missions, HotA, and Capturing towers, why it was removed is yet an unsolved mystery.

How about giving us rank if:

- Depot is Claimed(Singular - Whoever caps it)

- Bashing enemy guard tower (Group - anyone who damaged the tower during the process)

- Traitor(Singular - Final blow landed) + Construct Missions (Group - Anyone who helped build)

- Capturing HotA Tower (Singular - Whoever capped)

- Enemy Deed Drain (Group - Allies inside the settlement while the drain finishes)

All of which being 1 point each of course. Nothing Significant


Cosmetic Reward Skins on PvE would be nice. A menu similar to Rift and premium rewards, but from a pvp portal. This would be to try and motivate some of our PVErs to experience PvP, they could get their hands on some nifty rewards.

- Previous monthly Premium Skins(Possibly, not sure how some would feel about it)(5 points)

- Moon Metal Lump (5 Points)

- Sleep Powder (5 points)

- Kingdom Banners (10 points)

- Kingdom Tabard (25 points)

- Kingdom Wagon Skin (75 points)

- Large Magical Chest (125 points)

- Grand-prince / Chancellor / Emperor Crown (250 points) (I really do think this could be a very well sought after COSMETIC(No defence bonuses, its basically a soft cap) item)

- Rare Bone (because why not?)(500 points)


I hope these points are too low/too high, tried to just find a middle ground as these aren't supposed to be easy, but shouldn't be impossible, just requires time and effort.

Just something that would definitely encourage me as a player to do missions on PvP and other PvP related activities as i'd love to have a Cosmetic crown on NFI one day.


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