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Slaying of the Mano-taur!

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Gravity Falls presents; slaying of the Mano-taur. We need YOUR help to slay the Mano-taur; this testosterone filled, smelly rage beast has been terrorizing the road to the Mystery Shack! Help us make the Mystery Shack a safer place for our guests. 
We've asked him to leave nicely and he just keeps yelling about man stuff!



Since the Mano-taur [Forest Giant] has decided he doesn't want to leave willingly, we'd like to see you all for the slaying ASAP,  this is an immediate call to action. The wind is great!
[For now *knocks on wood*]
[09:58:28] A gale is coming from the west.

Please Join us at Humble Cove on Xanadu at L13 Ingame map.
Or community map coordinates here:,4102

This guy is NOT in local of the boats, he is about 3-7minutes up the road on foot, bring a horse or a cart if you need it!
Loot Conditions: Private [Grunkle stan is pretty broke], please join us for woodcutting potion bloods.
***This is not a Stanlee slaying, please don't bug him! He rocks our socks off but don't be a pest, ty***


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