Troll king slaying

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The FUNK team is proud to bring you yet another public slaying.  This time of a Troll King.  He was found by my good friend Indigoe, and is now being fattened up for slaughter!


The blood from a Troll King makes a stone cutting imbue


The slaying will take place at 9:00pm EST.


More details will be coming soon.


thank you and have fun!!



Awe crap.  9:00pm EST WEDNESDAY.  I really shouldn't do stuff like this when I"m tired







Ok, so this location is REALLY shitty, but unfortunately I don't get to pick where they spawn.  If you know where Cadence Buddhist Monastery used to be...that is where he is.  If you don't know where that's M-16  (the deed is still on the community map)  The easiest way to get there is route to Goodmeadow.  When you get there, you will see a mountain to the southish.  Follow the ridgeline up (there are still pointing signs directing you to CBM)  there is a path for most of the way.  you will pass through 2 deeds....then a mailbox kinda in the middle of nowhere, and just past there is a decaying settlement....the remains of CBM.  You can pitch tents there, it is way inside Local.  the actual slay spot is just before there, down the side of the mountain.


See you all there!!!


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Any word on this? 9pm EST is less than an hour away, right?

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Credit to Oneeyefry for bumping into him on the way to the rift and telling me approximately where :)


Was a pleasure to see you guys in action trapping him, he was a stubborn sod wasn't he? lol


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These are the specific to reach the place with screens, it is a bit tricky to found u.u
I parked my knarr on the shore where there was The Temple of Fo deed on the map, from my knarr follow the highway going south:



Continue to follow the highway until you find this waystone, then still go south:


Until you reach this sign:



Go south few tiles then head south/east:



Until you reach that sign:



Follow the cobblestone path and you'll reach a deed called Dwag's peak:



Follow the cobblestone path that continues south/west of it:



Once you'll reach the end of the cobblestone path go just a bit south/west, you will see a guard tower:



It is Eagle's nest deed, you have to go south of it, but be careful to te slopes:



At the end of it you'll find a marble path going up; follow it until the end:



At the end of the path you'll see a lonely mailbox:



Now south/east, on the top of that mountain and from there you'll see the location :)






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Thank you for that Luttuosa! Its a pain to find this place if you don't know where you are going and your directions are great!


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good directions thank you Luttuosa.

and thank you for the fight Sinnjinn 😁

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