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Tales of a Dodo

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"CLEAR!" I scream, my arms on fire from doing compressions, "All clear, frag em!" calls the familliar voice of Samara next to me. I stop compressions, making sure all parts of my body are away from the patient before hitting the large orange button on the AED to send 3000 volts of electricity through 2 small plastic pads attached to their chest directly to their heart.


"Your turn!" I pant, slumping back slightly as Samara locks her fists together and begins chest compressions on the massive patient straining the gurney in the back of the ambulance. "Copy that!" She replies, counting out under her breaeth "1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5...."


You better ###### live! I think to myself, tilting my head up at the top of the MTC, closing my eyes for a moment, listening to the entire vehicle shudder as it hurtles down the road on washboard gravel, the soft pitter patter of a light drizzle sounding like the hammering of gunfire against it's fiberglass sides. "Continue chest compressions" the AED advises as we hit a hard rut on the forestry road sending both Samara and I flying about the cramped interior.


"Could you hit any more ###### potholes?" I jokingly fire out through the small window to the cab. 


"Yous fink yous can does better yous drive! I save patient!" Frank yells back. I simile and re-position the bag valve mask on the patience face to deliver the next shot of life saving oxygen into them. "Probably could but then, you're crazier than I with driving, any word on if SAR can get in to us with Bravo-350?" I ask. "We're still 30 minutes from just getting to pavement and Sam and I are toast on carrying on with CPR".


"Nah no-ting! I can't see ###### thing cept tree and road, no time for itunes!" "Well, keep it between the tree's and the shiney side up then Frank!" 


A plaintive beeping pulls my eyes open, I reach around fumbling for a small black and yellow brick skittering around the floor. "Sure the ###### sat phone works here, what do they want now?" I think. "1 and 2 and 28 and 29 and 30" Samara's voice counts. I squeeze the bag between her compressions. "2 good breaths". She glares at me as I shrug. "Gotta follow protocol hun, his ribs are mush but his lungs take air, we are still keeping him alive technically, once we get him to the hospital they can do more". 


The glare intensifies from her beautiful green eyes, red ringlets of hair framing her pale face covered in sweat as she continues counting out for her 2 minutes breathily "1 and 2 and 3 and 4...." I swing the bvm over to her to let her carry on solo CPR, I know she can handle it. We are all trained for it. Get them to the hospital alive. 


I hit accept on the sat phone "Unless you got an ACP crew or Bravo ready to extract us I don't have time for you." I spit into the phone.


"This is the director, vitals?" a near toneless voice responds.


"The ###### are you talking about, we've kept control up to date?" I snarl into it, looking over at Samara as she counts out compressions, a bump jolts the MTC "1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and...."


"Vitals" the voice replies. "You have them, 12 assistted, 100 assisted, hour out from hospice, still requesteing SAR extract" I reply looking over at Samara with a puzzled face. "Same as 10 mins ago"


"Patient deceased, cancel". The voice replies.


"Sorry but I don't know who the ###### you are, director is not a name, and without a name you can't call that, now get off this line and if you are director get some assets out to me" I scream into the phone as I hit end. "Samara, you---- " "Analyzing patient, stay clear" the helpful AED chimes in. 




The MTC lurches as Frank hits the brakes hard, we can both feel it sliding on the mud beneath us as the ABS tries to compeensate, the gunshot sounds of raindrops fall to soft pitter patter on the fibreglass hull, the MTC rocks sleightly as Frank exits the vehicle. 


The back doors open and Franks massive frame squeeze's in beside us both. "I know it's standard practice to alternate between 2mins Frank, but ..." I begin. "Shock advised" chimes the friendly AED. "Go, I might be crazy driver but you better, and Sam needs break." he says, tossing me a grin "Charging do not touch patient! Shock advised!" the AED chimes. 


"Gotcha bro, thanks." I exclaim as I jump out into the rain, so refreshingly cooling. I glance back and see Frank doing good compressions as I slam the back of the MTC doors shut and move towards the driver side door he left open. Rain slicking the mud beneath my boots causing rivulets to flow around us. "All those dumbasses wearing airwalks from the 90's" I think to myself, "woulda wiped out and went down the mountain instantly in this." I laugh to myself. 


"Charged. Deliver shock" the helpful AED chimes. "Yous clear Sam?" I hear Frank say as I grip the drivers door. Reality flickers. Like a lightning flash. "Yes, I'm clear" she replies, reality flickers again in another lightning flash. My mind swims a bit, too many compressions that's all, short of breath. "Both clear?" Franks voice intones, lightning flashes again and reality seems to fold. I put my foot inside the cab door, "Charged. Deliver shock" the AED chimes again. I grab the steering wheel to pull myself in. Another flash, I feel dizzy. "All clearFrag 'em" Samara's voice speaks through an echo chamber to my ears. My foot is inside the door, my hand gripping the steering wheel to haul myself inside, my other hand gripping the metal door. "Voltron!" Franks voice is a distant memory as lightning flashes again and reality completely collapses as it feels like the AED sends those 3000 volts through me.



BREATH! my mind screams, consciousness returning. My body convulses. "Voltron" echo's in my mind. Oh how it took us so long to make Frank even just have a laugh at it. ""Voltron" Oh how my head hurts. How did that AED transfer through fibreglass to the chassis to me holding a steeringwheel. The hell. I turn.


I turn, my head scrapes something hard, scratching it, my arms still like jelly as I pull myself into the cab of the MTC, my hands seem to grip nothing.


I gasp through the pain,  I curl into a defensive ball,  my  entire being reeling, protect the body, realize surroundings, adapt.


No  blows come, the pain receeds, I hear water flowing, not the pitter patter of raindrops, a brook or stream flowing and gurgling, I hear noise, birds singing, children playing, people talking as if in a Walmart. 


I turn my head, my ear scraping the cobble stones, drawing a scrape across my cheek from their rough, pitted touch. I wince and groan in pain, but it is quickly forgotten as my shock deepens.


People move about in odd dress, the bustle of hawkers and children screaming in play fills my ears. "Great, slipped, knock myself out, and am dreaming of a renaissance fair" I think to myself. My brain rejects this almost immediately "There are no such fairs nearby, someone must be playing a joke on me." "Samara, the patient, Frank". They seem distant echos. 


I curl up, placing my right hand on my knee and shove myself into a squatting position, my eyes blinking at the blinding sun as I crouch and begin to take in my surroundings. A woman stops before me, concern in her eyes. "Are you alright?" she asks.


I start, not expecting normal speech, I had expected a heavy english accent of some sort for them to keep in character. I shake my head, trying to clear the cobwebs, also giving myself time to compose a proper response without seeming like an idiot.


"I.... yes, thank you, I think I fell, I'm alright, just a bit stunned." I reply.


"Oh that happens to everyone who comes through the portal", the woman twitters merrily. "Most of you are all the same, all pretending to be nice and fit in to be all prim and proper but completely clueless as a newborn babe entering the world"


My eyes widen as I look at her, the disbelief obvious in them. She laughs, a tinkling sound as if she knows an inside joke. "Oh you poor soul" she continues, "You will figure it out easily enough, just follow the signs, and by the way, welcome to Sonota! City of the Northern Free Isles!"


The look of idiocy on my face must be clear, she laughs again, shaking her head at some joke only she knows, brown ringlets framing her pale face around blue eyes as she gathers her skirts and rises before striding across the cobblestone out of sight.


Stunned by the causal exchange of the woman, I look around, and start to laugh uncontrollably as I rise to my feet, remembering an old movie. "Ayup Dorothy, you arn't in Kansas anymore". Absentmindedly I shoulder my pack and start off towards the first sign I see, ""Sam and Frank must be freaking they have now 2 patients" Lets see where this goes. 



Grammar correction on I try. (Or narrative improvement, your thought choice)

The story will continue to follow adventures my toon as done hopefully in the same/similar manner should enough interest be shown in the threat (I will write 1-2 more posts to follow up, this is just entry before deciding on stopping or continuing writing)

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And most people in isekais get hit by Truck-kun or Knife-kun; although, one assassin MC did die on a plane.

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2 hours ago, Karrde said:

And most people in isekais get hit by Truck-kun or Knife-kun; although, one assassin MC did die on a plane.



Or my favorite so far.. sneezing while asleep resulting in trauma to the head 😂

That Plane was quite the coffin though

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