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NPC Similar to Wagoner Used to Travel Between Lands By Ship

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I just want to start by saying, I did go through a few pages back into the suggestions, and I didn't see anything similar to this idea. I can't fathom going back more than 5 or 6 pages, so I'm going to go ahead and post my idea with the assumption this may have already been suggested at one point in time -- I just can't find it.


So the idea crossed my mind today when people in Freedom chat were talking about ferrying people from Harmony to Cad. I think it's a great idea that a player would consider doing such a task! 

However, I'd like to say that as much as I like this, I'd like it much more, if I had the ability to either set the time when I'd want to leave or have a set time where I can plan ahead for the trip.


With that said, I think it would benefit the game to have an NPC, potentially similar to the Wagoner's mechanics, to ferry people when they would request it. Players could buy a trip from a NPC Sailor near a dock or major waterway destination. We could initially buy the NPC Sailor to place it, and then anyone can come to use it, again similar to the Wagoner system. We could then have specific set routes in our waterways to and from the major land masses. I think it would add quite a bit more to waterway travel and improve the game so that people are more motivated to go explore!


Well, I think you get the gist, I would love to see this kind of thing implemented, I feel like there isn't enough options for getting to and from the different land masses. I get bored staying on just one all the time, and yes I'm working on a ship to just sail around myself, but I could still see this as a benefit. There may be times when I'd rather not use my ship and just quickly purchase a ticket to another land mass. 


Again this is just an idea/opinion, I realize not everyone will like it, but I am interested in the consensus either way. Cheers!

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+1 , could be integrated as a server wide group coop challenge / building project. Build 5-6 docks on every server which can be used by dismounted players to travel between servers. 


Similar to how in classic WoW you could take the boat from Menethil Harbor to Auberdine. It's a way to explore the world.


On top of that those docks could be used as a wagoneer system as well, perhaps even linked to privated deeds too in order to ferry goods to other deeds cross server. Can imagine some challenges in implementation but would be nice. Sailing in wurm, even with plot course is boring after a while especially if there's no winds. It's just automove without any sort of immersion or interaction. 

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