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Ludwik Von Grass

 A self-called Nobleman that who is not afraid of hard work and approaches everything with great enthusiasm , was born as the son of a wealthy German named William, in the year 1056, his story will soon be known...


The story of Ludwik begins in a small town called Branbaum whose ruler was his father - William II Von Grass.
  This town was located on a high hill overgrown with trees of various harvests, to the city led a very winding road lined with stone slate from a nearby mine which also brought extremely high profits to the ruler and the citizens by mined there gold iron and copper. Every night a cheerful and joyful sounds came out of the city people ate and drank from their mugs various liquors prepared by a local craftsman.  In general - they rejoiced in their lives without any specific worries - so Young Ludwik Von Grass remembered the town - so and not otherwise, it was well managed, strong and how modest; its power was hidden in the hands of the inhabitants of this town. 

During his adolescence, the young heir had to take up the challenge to use all the knowledge that his father William had given him, he tried his best, but he knew that difficult times were coming for his town because after so many years of mining the source of deposits in the mine was exhausted and unfortunately for fate in the nearby forests appeared Trolls who stopped the merchant trails and these led to starvation,  poverty and panic.

,,How can such a strong city fall so quickly?''

Whether William was still able to see during his lifetime how everything he built with his subjects goes down to History. 
    He knew that the trolls would attack soon and completely destroy the town, so he ordered to escort his heir to the nearest port together with most of the warriors who had to guard the heir from the monsters in the forest so that he could sail away from the island...
as they passed through the forests there were quite a few bits with trolls that decimated the warriors, fortunately Ludwik got out of it and got to the nearby port where a well-known merchant and friend of William took him to the island that is called Cadence....

✠ ON THE WAY... 


        When they sailed out of this noble and rich port with their decorated merchant caravel, they saw that the weather was changing drastically; in the sky you could see flashes breaking through clouds as black as coal and fog that came as if from nowhere ...

One of the merchant's men, seeing the changes, all pale, sweaty and in fear, in a trembling voice said:
"we will probably enter the middle of the storm, there is no return.... it is not known how it will end" 

Ludwik, having heard the words spoken by a member of the merchant's crew, was troubled by the whole helpless situation, because looking back in his thoughts into the past, he had his Father's eyes, his gaze soaked in emotions, sadness and pain - the sight of such a worried and powerless - not only the Father but also the ruler pierced Ludwiks heart

 He thinks that he had just lost everything.A ruler, a father with whom he spent much time and received wise teachings, a mother who always supported him in his time of need, faithful and devoted villagers - everything that was most important - was lost, sadness and sorrow in such moments filled his tormented soul, He could not imagine that such a great sacrifice of his family and subjects would be in vain...

When they had already entered the middle of a huge storm, Ludwik went down to the lower deck of the ship and began to humbly pray to the Goddess Vynore that she would fill the entire crew with knowledge and strength so that they could get out of this hopeless situation... 
           As he prayed, he heard screams, woes and pain - everyone saved themselves as much as they could, holding on to various parts of the ship, strong waves broke their bones, threw them into the sea for certain death, waves beat the ship so hard that it could be compared with the great wrath of the gods...
Suddenly, a loud barely audible cry goes around the ship,
"We're about to crash, The big rock in front of us!"
Ludwik at that moment, hearing these unpleasant words, closed his eyes and prepared for the fact that in a moment he would be consumed by the sea and become only a legend in someone's book....  


To be continued...

Edited by LudwikVonGrass
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2 hours ago, Noclown said:

Looking forward to continue reading :)

Today will be the next part - I wrote it but I have to translate and also make a little graphic, Thank you for reading 


Kind Regards

Ludwik Von Grass 

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That was an enjoyable read. Keep up the good work. 


Are your writing skills by any chance for hire. I have a bunch of weapons that I'd like to auction in the near future and I am willing to pay someone to write a bit of lore about it as well as name the weapon. 

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