remove rare speed trait from pvp servers or make it more common

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with how absurdly rare it is compared to how often horses die in pvp, and how powerful it is (hellies go 50km/h with rare gear, 3 speed + rare trait, they straight up hit the speed cap with 4 speed or 3 speed + supreme, even normal horses can hit 50km/h with 4 speed+rare) and the fact that barding/wound damage speed reduction is based off the horses base speed and not the total speed meaning a 1% hellie can still go 30+km/h, you're at a major disadvantage if you don't have it, which forces the already glue factory level of breeding for pvp to extreme levels. it's just more bloat that makes being competitive in pvp even more time consuming than it was in the past and should be removed or made to reasonable levels of availability.

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just going 50km/h with barding, hitting speed cap without. very balanced yes. when at dying it's still going 30km/h with barding on

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