Noob College accepting donations for new players

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Hello everyone,


It’s nice to see you all again. I am back from my hiatus and have reopened a new player deed to help get the flow of new players ready for Wurm life. We are located right next to sonata please refer to this post for more information on the noob college itself: 



We are currently in need of donations of any type of resource to get new players started with their skills. You have no requirement to donate, but those who do will be acknowledged and thanked. We appreciate all donations and no matter how big or small, unfortunately we cannot travel to receive donations at this moment due to low body str and lack of proper transport vehicles.

If you have something to donate your welcome to drop it on the perimeter and leave a message on this post letting us know it’s there, or contacting me ingame at wolfersmcwolfers. Thank you in advance for everything you all do, we make the community here in Wurm a pleasant and inviting one, and together we can rebuild the player pop, one newbie at a time.






Thank you for your time,





Current list of donators:


Itsyaboy - Mayor of Utopia - Thank you for your generous contributions! 


DrJacobHayes - Mayor of Overlook Ranch - Thank you for your generous contributions! Overlook ranch is also recruiting returning players!


Kinnick - Mayor of Ponderosa - Thank you for your generous contributions!


Goldenrules - You are truly a friend and a gentleman, thank you for everything you did for my people.\


Indigoe - Mayor of Whispering Meadows - We can't ever imagine how we would begin repaying you for the generous contributions you have made. You are a truly kind person!


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Hi there  , i got a bunch of donation for you guys !!! , Cadence E 19 please pickup 

the items are such ... tools , armours , materials , carts , and so on

Please let me know in game if need them ... pm : Maximays or Mountainfarmer  thanks

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Hey Wolf, Indigoe here. I have a bunch of 30ish QL cotton and 30ish QL hides if you want them. Let me know

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