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CLOSED 4 Good - Mol Rehan Recruiting Station - Village to learn the ropes!

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CLOSED FOR GOOD, thank you for my time here I have returned to Sklotopolis on Wurm Unlimited






Mol Rehan Recruiting Station


Please contact wolfersmcwolfers ingame to join up!

We can show you the ropes, get you building your first home in-game, give you a safe place to skill, then when your ready to move on you can come and go as you please!    
We are located on the Cadence island on the northern freedom isles.



Iron and Stone Mine



Tree farms (growing)



Free-build (opposite side of road)



Stocked Kitchen with HFC grinding area



Always food to eat



Spirit Guards on deed ( This area is super safe )



Peat in perimiter



Tar and Clay close by



Work House with forge and community tools



Community Workshops








( Above is a map of the spawn area around Sonata on Cadence with arrows pointing out our village and Sonata )


Please spawn at sonata and ask about us in Freedom Chat tab.  

If I’m online you can also type /tell Wolfersmcwolfers ingame.

Please be aware this is a deed under construction and most facilities that are planned have not been built yet.


About me:

I have been training new players since 2011 and have recently returned to Wurm myself! I am a frontline pvp veteran of two major ingame conflicts that lasted a couple years and have played Wurm since 2009. 







Mol Rehan Forever.

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This is going to be a short but sweet post. 


It was a sunny afternoon on the day of Awakening in the Bear's starfall, 1037. I spawned into this harsh world in a distant land known as Celebration. I wondered around and came across McWolfy. He took me in and gave me food and shelter and he showed me the ropes. Eventually he messaged me one day saying that he was going to disband the deed because the open seas called his name and someone somewhere was going to need his help. The only thing he asked of me was to tell people about him. 


So that is what I did. Since the day I smashed the bottle of champagne on the bow of his ship I have been spreading word about this wonderful person. Now I have been playing this wonderful game since then. Stopping every now and again to take breaks but I eventually remember the stories of adventure McWolfy used to tell me about and now I like to consider myself a well known veteran of this game that has made a name for himself and made many friends. Recently, McWolfy has come back to the game and I couldn't be happier to talk with him again. 


This man is not only going to give you a house and a roof over your head he is going to be your friend. I highly recommend.

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