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The Freedom Isles Society for the Prevention of Cruel and Unusual Dismemberment of Dragons, Drakes, and Creatures of Royal Lineage, or FISPCUDDDCRL for short, (Game Masters) has been closely monitoring all black market activity with regards to the sales of body parts that that have been seen coming from several chop shops that have set up in the region.  After much investigation,(log reading) and many doughnut heavy stake outs,(actually this one is pretty much accurate) we have witnessed and recorded events and rituals that are otherwise impossible without the use of forbidden magics!(cheating)


We have known for some time that something unusual was going on and had to assemble an elite team of mercenaries and spend a huge amount of time to collect enough information to determine what is legitimate, by the mechanics, unique hunting and slaying, and what is definitely not.  Some hunting groups we could clearly tell were hunting unique creatures as intended and then there was the other group...




During many months of detailed work of collecting physical and logged evidence, we witnessed members of this group on multiple occasions,  sail onto a server, land on a section of shore, then travel directly to where we had manually placed unique creatures for monitoring.  Once at the location, they stopped, looked around for a moment, then went directly back to their boat and off server.  These uniques were not at their general spawn areas and were fully protected by our team.  There is no possible legal way for anyone to find these protected unique creatures with the normal client and yet more than once, this group demonstrated they could via the use of a third party cheat.


Needless to say we are not happy at all with these people, using a third party hack,  as we consider this to be an egregious violation of our Terms of Service as well as a despicable theft of an enjoyable part of the game that the entire Wurm Online community should have equal opportunity to access.


There is still some discussion concerning some of the people involved, but a rather large group has already been permanently banned from Wurm Online for profiting from these cheats while robbing our greater Wurm Online community of natural opportunities to participate in a very fun and engaging aspect of our game.


Thank you for your time,

Enki (Chief Bison of the FISPCUDDDCRL Lodge)  (Head Game Master)

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