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80QL Steel Chainmail Set with AoSP

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I want to sell my full set of 80QL Chainmail Armor.


Material is steel, color is "vanilla" (not painted). Every single piece has an Aura of Shared Pain (item it is cast upon cause damage to the opponent when the holder is being hit) with cast powet 70 and above.


A set of armor like this costs 14 silver, enchants are priced by our revered NFI Priests at 2s+. I want to sell the armor for minimum of 13 silver, as a set.


The set is currently in imping, I'll post a screenshot as a proof it's a legit sale when I get the armor back (I think in 10hrs tops)

Please answer here and/or PM Raevald in-game.

Edited by Raevald
Change of price-lower one

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