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Lib and Mag new archery spell

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I was wondering if you could use the cast Dirt code on a bsb from the Fo priest to make a new spell for Libila and Magranon that can be casted on a quiver and create arrows.


A 100 power cast could make the arrows a 50ql (and that should be the max ql cap possible with the spell) and maybe use the zombie pet code that makes it die after 24h if not killed by something else to make the arrows go poof if they were not used during that time.


Can make like a 20 favor 40 diff spell and make it so that  the power of the cast also influences the number of arrows made or have it fill the quiver (40 arrows) but make the favor cost higher? Maybe 50 fav for 50 favor for doing that?


The spell is ment to help people (especially priests) be able to grind archery and body control while the 50ql for a 100power cast and the 24h timer poof mechanic is ment to prevent from having the spell be on par with fletching and compete with it in pvp.


People will still want high ql casted arrows for actual combat while being happy to just use the quiver spell when they are just grinding the skill on pve mobs.


And the reason for Lib and Mag to be the ones to have it is that both light would have access to it and Mag could use another good spell out of the  3 WL gods while being in sync with its combat oriented flavor.


L.E. Alternatively could just use the BT code in reverse and have like a spell that is casted on bows with a power of 1000 or 100 or 10000 and cant stack with BT or anything other than Nimbe/Coc or BotD and everytime you shoot the bow you lose 1 power and the QL of the arrow damage should be 50 or 40?


This could be a more elegant solution as it would remove the need to retrieve the arrows and make archery grind actually fun while still having the downside of not having BT on the bow and if is still considered unbalanced could just make it so the arrows dont do any damage on uniques, rift mobs or players in pvp.


Could also make it so the fletching titles give an overall imping boost (use the armorsmiths code) to normal arrows so that the fletchers can make higher ql arrows and sell those to pvp-ers?


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