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Need help at Price finding: Merchant_Erich at Oak Hill Ranch

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Hello i started my first  Merchant, and i doesn't know: is the price setting good or bad, can anyone help me?


Merchant Name: Merchant_Erich

Location: Oak Hill Ranch (Harmony) 


Name QL Price
Lantern, Iron 51,08 0,4000 
rare recipe "eyeball stew" 23,00 0,7500 
rare log, lemonwood (weight: 3,6) 50,70 0,1500 
horse shoe, steel 26,92 0,3500 
cotton 57,40 0,0200 
horse shoe, iron 51,23 0,6500 
shovel, iron 51,18 0,4000 
trovel, iron 50,64 0,5100 
crowbar, iron 52,07 0,4700 
axe, iron 30,00 0,2000 
axe, iron 40,00 0,4100 
baking stone, marble 28,45 0,4000 
axe, silver 38,44 0,6500 
yellow portion   0,5000 
goblin skull 48,00 0,3900 
sauce pan, iron 51,37 0,3750 
bracelet, silver 17,16 0,1299 
cloth barding, cotton 30,78 0,6000 
needle, iron 50,31 0,1500 
needle, iron 36,17 0,0500 
recipe "cheese and onion crisp"   0,1200 
recipe "candied fruit"   0,2100 
recipe "corn crisps"   0,2000 
recipe "plain popcorn"   0,2000 
recipe "dagwood"   0,3000 
recipe "stir fry"   0,2100 
recipe "frikadeller"   0,1500 
recipe "dry pasta"   0,2000 
brown bear fur 48,50 0,1500 
black wolf fur 21,49 0,1500 
healing cover (made from camellia and paw) 48,16 0,1500 
pottery planter 22,00 0,1500 
small axe, iron 37,58 0,3900 
stone chisel, iron 51,40 0,4500 
mallet maplewood 50,34 0,1500 
maul, iron 40,17 0,4250 


Thanks for Your Help

Yours Thironix

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I'll give this one a crack.


Let's begin with by saying that I'm not sure you're posting in the correct forum section. I also wouldn't know exactly what forum section you'd use for PC's lol. You should look through some posts in this forum section (merchant ads) to get a feel of what it's used for.

Speaking of looking through posts on merchant post, that's also a good way to pc things. For example, find a few blacksmiths here on merchant ads who sell an imping service to get a good feel for the blacksmithing imping prices. The prices of your blacksmithing items are all over the place. I see most of them at 50ql which means most of them would be priced very similarly but I see them varying from 15c (needle) to 65c (Horseshoe). A few examples (But far from all) would be to look for the posts of Achillis, Cavemannn or Baeowulf.

Same thing with weapons. For weapons, most people (me included) would point you towards Pantha's post to pricecheck, but your ql's don't reach his minimum ql so I don't know how you'd price those. Pantha prices a ql50 imp at 30c, so I wouldn't try to sell a ql40 maul for 42c.

Most basic recipes sell for nothing. Same for butchered products in singles, such as goblin skull or fur.

Bulk items are usually sold per thousand (dirt, planks, but in your case cotton) and therefore are priced as such. I'd say at ql50 that cotton is not worth more than 1 silver per thousand, but I don't think anyone would buy ql50 cotton in bulk as it's too low ql.

I've seen yellow potions at maybe 5c. There's more or less no demand for them, so don't expect to sell that thing at half a silver.

There's also more or less no demand for healing covers.

Oh, and that rare log is priced a bit cheap. Feel free to send it CoD to me (if you can find a runed mailbox) for 25c :D

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