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Hello folks! Icy and Grogster here at BeamMart, serving you soon! Here at BeamMart we will craft support beams on your demand. Being based in Highrise we will craft them out of the finest materials you can find up high! We usually do beams but can do other mats at your request. Service fees aren't yet in effect! [WE ARE NOT AVALABLE YET GIVE US A LITTLE WHILE, HOWEVER SOON WE MAY BE AVALALIBLE FOR SMALL ORDERS, JUST GIVE ONE OF US A PM INGAME]


                                                                     SUPPORT BEAM PRICES

Number Count Under 150:
Service Fee Multiplier:
  Price Per Beam   Overall Price:
Under 15   0.15   0.063s   x * y (z)
15+   0.1   0.05s   x * y (z)
100+   0.1   0.05s   x * y (z)
Number Count Over 150:
Service Fee Multiplier:
      Overall Price:
150   N/A   0.063s   9.45s
150+   0.05   0.05s   x * y (z)


                                                                               MISC MATS

Beams: 1c per beam x 0.1 Service Fee

Ribbons: 1c per ribbon x 0.1 Service Fee



Edited by Icy
Wrong Prices

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We have low stock right now as we are just starting so please be patient with us.

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