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Lunalong 2021

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  Welcome to the 4th Lunalong 







Greetings friends, I would like to cordially invite you all to the forth Luna-a-long.  Hosted by Dracaa (myself) on my deed named Kappa, on the Xanadu server, at coordinate Q-15.  This is my forth time hosting an impalong. I've been working on this every year. And I have new builds each year. With work in real life only slowing me down and a 2 moves. I'm proud to say though, my impalong is almost ready.  It will be this December 10th to the 20th. I hope to have the boat docks and many more things finished and ready to explore, there will be a few small events, and all the imping madness you've come to expect from events like this.  



This well be Dec 10th 10am GMT-4


Deed History



So why name kappa? 

The name Kappa has a history though I don't know all of it in this game. It means a few things to me. I have learned that it was a huge clay pit before someone started working it to a little town. Which was a small 30 by 60 deed at the time. I also learned that the person who made the deed was naming it after a creature in a game. Though the source didn’t know what game. I like to think it was my favorite game Harvest Moon. I also learned that, “Kappa” are demons that loves cucumbers and are very weird but funny story behind them. It's my Wurm home I bought from another player who later became a great friend. Over the 5 years I had Kappa. I have became a caretaker of her. But she grow up to a great deed of 63 by 252. She is able to take care of many people and even many animals with no issues. 


Why a Lunar Festival?

In real life, I love the moon ever since I was a little girl. In Wurm there are few moons each one special in its own right. In Harvest Moon, there are seasonal festivals every month and one of my favorites was the lunar festival. So instead of linking it with Halloween, or Christmas, and since it happens in November, in the USA we have Thanksgiving, but all those holidays get a lot of stuff for them anyway. My dear friend Leander and I were brainstorming one night, and he said something about the moon or create something individual and this is what we got. I love it too. And hope you all love it too. Though this year its in December. I well still call it a Luna-a-long. This year well be more Christmas theme if I can.


 The Deed  

Kappa is a lovely lakeside deed very well equipped to handle many participants there are merchants, hotel rooms, a cathedral for sermons, direct sea access via a canal. The impalong building is a three-story building with plenty of equipment and containers full of mats ready to help your imping.



Token Gazebo


You can found it on the topside of Kappa to the north of the main golden mine door of Undercity.



The Inns


Easy Inn is found topside very north part of Kappa. Its facing the lake and between Union st. and Wheeler St.



Sailor's Rest is found in the Undercity just east off the docks.



Extra Stalls


These stalls are found on the north east side of Kappa.



Pegasus Stables are found next to the Lunalong building in the Undercity.






Impalong info


But what is a Luna-a-long?   

The simple answer is it’s an Imp-a-long. "but I'm new to Wurm, what is an imp-a-long?" you say, well my friend Shrimpiie defines it perfectly.

he explains it as "A community event that's hosted on someone's deed, where crafters and priests from across Wurm join together to improve/enchant others gear for free. In addition to the imping/enchanting, there are various other things such as games and events, prize giveaways, contests, and sometimes even GM's drop in to spawn a few mobs on unsuspecting Impalong-goers." 


Discord and Twitch


All is welcome to join my Discord server at This is the Dragon Kitty Server. I also be streaming though out this lunalong as well. So you can find me on here when I’m streaming. There is a channel for the lunalong just get on there and you can talk to other fellow impers and get the latest scoop on the events.


If you want to watch what’s going on follow me on twitch I let people know on my discord and wurm online discords when I going to stream.


Extra helpful notes

There are lamp posts that are renamed the street they are on. If you get lost let the staff know what lamps you see and they can help you get to where you wanted to go.



   Item Placement:

  • Rename your items with your name before placing them into improvement/casting coffins, shelves or forges!
  • Please be sure to place your item in the right named coffin, shelves or forge.
  • Pick up your finished item as soon as possible to make space for new items.
  • If space is running short, Impalong staff will move finished items to "Overflow" shelves. This is on the 1st floor to the east side of the building. If placed there you will need to contact Impalong staff in order to get your items.
  • Carving Knife, Sickle, and Scythe are Weapon smithing.
  • (Cooking) Knife and Leather Knife are Blacksmithing.
  • New fishing rods are Fine carpentry.
  • Legacy rods are Carpentry.
  • Fishing Reels are Jewelry Smithing..
  • The deep water reel is Blacksmithing.
  • There are dyes. To get something Dyed place the item with your name and the number off the barrel you want the dye color to be. Like if there is a black and the barrel number is 16 put "Dracaa 16" and it well get dyed as soon as I or a staff can get to it. To know what a color is open the barrel the dye name well be in the color of its dye.
  • Since this is a charitable event intended to bring the community together, bad actors motivated by greed are not welcome to continue to take advantage of the generosity and kindness of the participants. For those reasons, we will not invite you to attend in the future.



  • Items will be improved to 70ql at the discretion of the of the imper. If you want higher you can pm the imper and ask as long there isn't a backlog of items to be imped.
  • Only items that are 70ql+ will be enchanted on, or if named to be a skiller items.
  • Place your items into the coffin labeled with the enchantment you want. You have to move them to the next coffin if you want another enchantment on them.
  • Target cast well be 70.
  • If something needs to be dispelled please talk to a priest. they can not pick up items and to dispel they must hold item. Do this at your own risk.
  • DO NOT PLACE IN ALTARS!!! They get sac and you lose it.
  • Getting your items enchanted is at your own risk! Items can break in the process of being enchanted.



  • Don't sermon without being in the sermon group chat in-game.
  • Sermon when it's your turn.
  • Be sure to post your sermon tic and the list updated for the next sermon.
  • For example [17:33:12] Faith increased by 0,1 to 52,5451
  • The next sermon will be at 31 minutes after the last faith/preaching tick
  • For example xx:04 Dracaa, Kogawolfjf, Lunalong, Whiteivy, Runninghorse, Lunadark
  • If you miss your turn to preach by being 5 minutes late,  the next person in line will be asked to take your spot. You be next in line again and an asterisk is next to your name.
  • Someone will need to be sure they pm the person 5 m
  • ins before their turn to be sure they are aware of their turn.
  • For example xx:09 Kogawolfjf, Dracaa*, Lunalong, Whiteivy, Runninghorse, Lunadark
  • If you don't do your turn again there be a pm sent stating that you were removed from the list and you can get back on when you come back.
  • For example xx:46 Lunalong, Whiteivy, Runninghorse, Lunadark, Kogawolfjf, (Open)
  • If there are less than 6 players active then there be Open spots that other new players can join in.
  • If you know you will be AFK until your next sermon, please let the team know so that they can put brackets around your name so they are aware you're AFK.
  • For example xx:17 Whiteivy, Runninghorse, Lunadark, Kogawolfjf, (Open), (Lunalong)
  • If your turn comes up and you AFK and you have been pm 5 mins before and pm that you missed your turn the 1st time. you get an asterisk by your name.
  • For example xx:20  (Lunalong)*, Runninghorse, Lunadark, Kogawolfjf, Dracaa, Whiteivy
  • After the second miss you have a pm telling you. that you missed again was dropped.
  • if someone is dropped and the list gets moved 30 mins ahead. to let everyone know there be a plus in front of their name. each plus is a 30 min jump ahead.
  • For example xx:51  +Runninghorse, +Lunadark, +Kogawolfjf, +Dracaa, +Whiteivy, Lunalong
  • You get a pm that your time was bumped up 5 mins before your sermon is now. if you don't respond then after the 5 min after the sermon time the next person can go. they to well be pm to when it is close to that time.
  • then the person will lose the plus but not gain a asterisk.
  • For example xx:22  Runninghorse, +Kogawolfjf, +Dracaa, +Whiteivy, Lunalong, Lunadark
  • There be a sermon group on the discord as well. So if you go to work or have to be gone for an extra-long time you can keep an eye on it and let them know there too. This is not a requirement just an extra tool for you to use.
  • I be working on some timesheets to but they are not hammered out yet.
  • This method allows the fairest way to allow people to participate even if someone has to leave for work or goes to bed, (s)he can calculate when his / her next sermon(s)
    are up and make sure (s)he's there.



  • Do NOT bring a dozen items of the same type to get improved/enchanted.
  • You can bring a quiver of arrows or 4 horseshoes to be improved/enchanted.
  • Do NOT sell items that you've gotten improved/enchanted here. If we hear you have done that you won't be welcome the next year impalong.
  • Please turn off your personal light sources like lanterns, torches, and glow rings or things with a glow on it! It helps with the lag for everyone else.
  • Do not use the imping mats to make things. Ask in local or Dracaa for lower ql mats to do so.
  • If you have any issues contact Dracaa in-game or on the forums.
  • There will be a sermon group so please ask to get in. there is a sermon every 30 mins if you try to sermon without it being your turn it well not give you a full tick and well mess up the sermon times. So be sure to get in the list and wait your turn.




The Entrances



the entrance to the canal is at Q-14 on the coast on Xanadu, Kappa is on the southern shore of the inland lake.

pictures coming soon


North form Cyrius' Retreat.



North West form Surefall by the Sea and River Stix Camp Grounds



West form the golf to Lormere



Farther south west form the highway going south.



South form the bay on R15 Tridents Point.



South east form Lormere.



North East form Surefall Glade




Entrances for the Undercity

Main mine door on Kappa




Mine door to the grooves





Camp Grounds


Here you can put your tents down and there are pens for animals too. They are not locked gates please don't lock them. The camp grounds well be open 3 days before Lunalong starts and well remain open til 3 days after. Please dont litter and destory anything thing here. this was made to make you guys have a easy and safe place/way to the Undercity.


 The Imping Facilities 


A quaint three-story building filled to bursting with forges, kilns, alters, coffins, shelves and other storage units for priest and participants alike.



First Floor the Priest and Enchanting Floor













Second Floor the Forges



Third Floor the Wood and Clay Floor









On hand

Hide contents

Bronze lumps 1561                      Gold lumps 4794                                      Silver lumps 4410     100ql 150

Brass lumps 1589                        Steel lumps 4273                                      Iron lumps 12251

Copper Lumps 2000                    Lead lumps 2k                                           Zinc lumps 2001

Tin Lumps 2k                                Electrum Lumps 1070                              Logs 300

Marble shards 284                      Rock shards 1096                                      Cotton 2643

Clay 1054                                      Woodscraps 4429                                      Leather 266

Peat 1977                                      Yarn Wool 2934                                          Square pieces of cotton 3449

Square pieces of wool   1k         Kindling 182                                                Strings of cloth, cotton 2009 80ql

Strings of cloth, cotton 3729     chopped Veggies 78973

Many small amounts of dyes    90 barrels for water


Materials still needed

Any extra dyes i know these are not mats but they are some things i need to.

350k chopped veggies                                  85k cordage rope

500 electrum


donations are welcome







Some events dates might change so keep an eye on it till Dec.


10th Fri            Grand opening The forges be lite

11th Sat           Chess Tournament                                 postponed          

12th Sun          Gated Maze Easy mode                        Deal or No Deal by Fab

13th Mon         Sheep Racing and Cow Racing

14th Tue           Relaxing

15th Wed         Fashion Show 7pm AEST                

16th Thurs       Gated Maze Hard Mode                  

17th Fri             Archery Contest

18th Sat            Swimming contest lake and golf

19th Sun           Fishing contest                                 

20th Mon         Contest winner announce at 12p   timer_E1639936807.svg

                          Fire works for the finale 12a                 



Random giveaways well happen though out the Impalong!!


Game rules



Sheep Racing – Each person well tame the sheep and when the Staff says go. You well tell the sheep to go here to the finish line. The 1st person to get the sheep there wins.


Cow Racing – Each person well ride a cow with no traits and gear. The 1st person to the finish line wins.


Fishing Contest – There well be fishing poles given with no bait. You well fish at the River Stix by the Maze and Coliseum for 5 mins. There be two categories, weight and QL. Each category well have a winner for the heaviest and best QL. There be no using of bait for this contest. This way to keep it fair. Please return the fishing poles after the contest.


Gated Maze Easy Mode – The maze be closed till the day. The 1st person to make it though under 5 mins well get a prize. It well be open the rest of the Lunalong for anyone to try their hand at it. If you can’t get out and need help get a hold of one of the staff and they should be able to help you.


Gated Maze Hard Mode – The maze well be closed the hour before the event. It well be stocked with monsters. So be sure to bring your armor and weapons with you. The 1st to get though the maze in 10 mins well win the prize.


Chess Tournament – This well be a week long event. Please sign up for it the day of the Lunalong. To sign up for it you get a hold of me or the staff. When we get two or more players, we will start the tournament. Each winner we get a small prize. The grand champion well gets the small prizes and one hota statue. The more the better. Please be sure to talk with the staffers for times and current winners. The winners well be on the forums too.


Swimming Contest – There are boats setup on the lake and the golf. You will need to take as much of your inventory out so you can be lighter. If you don’t have a wagon, ship, or cart of your own. We well give you a locked chest for each player, if needed, that enters the swimming contest. These are for your heavy things so you can get as much unloaded off you as you can. You well swim form one side to the other of the lake or golf. There are ships at points along the way. If you get on a ship it’s a 5 sec penalty. The fastest time to get to the other side and back wins. There well be helpers on the ships to. If you cant, make it and need help. One of the lifeguards well come and get you. Just stay put so you don’t take more damage and drown.


Archery Contest – There are 3 contest this day. Longbow, bow, and short bow. You get 10 shots with practice arrows. You get 10 pts for each one that hits the target. 10 extra pts for hitting the bulls eye. There well be a helper at the targets to judge. There well be a winner form each category.


Building Contest - go here for details 







Sheep Racing -Valdor

Cow Racing - 1st place Reddragon

Fishing Contest

  • Heaviest - TBA
  • Best QL - TBA

Gated Maze Easy Mode - 1st place Decoy 2nd place VirusMD

Gated Maze Hard Mode - 1st place TBA 2nd place TBA

Swimming Contest Lake - TBA

Swimming Contest Golf - TBA

Archery Contest

  • Longbow - 1st place TBA, 2nd place TBA, 3rd place TBA
  • Bow - 1st place TBA, 2nd place TBA, 3rd place TBA
  • Short Bow - 1st place TBA, 2nd place TBA, 3rd place TBA

Fashion Show

  • Everyday - TBA

Chess Tournament

  • Match 1 between - TBA
  • Match 2 between - TBA
  • Match 3 between - TBA

Building Contest - Gillies







PM one of them when they are online in local to assist with returning your items, supply you with material, refuel forges, or assign you room at the inn.


Dracaa – Mayor and Host

Spacy - Staff                                          Kindrashae - staff                                                                  Brattygirlsback - staff and cook                                 SeriphinaD - staff                                          Duejensen/Olufus - staff

Tomatoes - staff                                   Alexofkorov - staff                                                                  Reddragon - Bartender                                                     Morrowen - cook



Guest Streamers


There well be guest streamers during the whole impalong hopefully every day. If you have things you like to ask. Leave them in the comments below or send me your questions. You can find me on discord, Wurm online, and here as Dracaa.

The goal is one hour while we do an event if time allows it.


10th Fri            

11th Sat          

12th Sun         

13th Mon        

14th Tue          

15th Wed       

16th Thurs     

17th Fri           

18th Sat          

19th Sun       

20th Mon         





Fine Carp                                 Carp                              Masonry                         Leatherworking                Tailoring                       Pottery

Spacy                                                                            Spacy                                                        Spacy                                                           Spacy                                                                  SeriphinaD                                              SeriphinaD

SeriphinaD                                                                   SeriphinaD                                                Valdor                                                          Erhid                                                                    Quelon                                                     Valdor

Quelon                                                                          Quelon 94                                                 Quelon                                                         Sage                                                                    Bachus                                                    Bachus

Perihelion                                                                     Calebxephrime                                        Avaxas                                                        Quelon 95

Miraluca                                                                       Miraluca                                                                                                                         Valdor                                                                   

Valdor                                                                           Nirav                                                                                                                               Bachus

Bachus                                                                         Bachus

Avaxas                                                                         Avaxas


Blacksmithing                       Weapon Smithing        Plate Smithing              Toy Making                       Jewelry Smithing          Chain Smithing

Kyoko                                                                         Sage                                                            Quelon 95                                                    Quelon                                                               Quelon                                                          Quelon

Killerspike                                                                  Quelon 85

Erhid                                                                           Calebxephrime


Quelon 90




Vooch 84


Ship Building









Special Thanks


Lagston                   Bezdech             Jingerjas         Goldfever             Reddragon           Egor                 Perihelion


Past Lunalongs


Just some more fun history of the Lunalong. Wonder whats going to happen this year. Come see and make it memorable one too.



Edited by Dracaa
adding info
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I will be there. either ill be dead 3 times or my 6 months will be up, so see you all there!

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I will be attending WS, BS, LW for a few days atleast

Shamank 🙂


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Count me in for Carp imping, and I would love to host some fishing contests!

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I am over 70 in Carp. Fine Carp, Pottery, Blacksmithing, leatherworking, and cloth tailoring.

Looks like you are set on everything but favor I'll have my priests crate some up to bring with me.

Last year Benclawedodamme hit 100 faith there this year hopefully Samwithwiki will. 

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I am definitely coming, like every year!


Put me down for the default Leatherworking that I always do. This year, however, I may branch out to Pottery, Fine Carpentry and Masonry, if there is need... although those are usually well taken care of.


Looking forward to the event! Booyah!

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I have a plethora of skills that I can use for imping and I've been looking forward to this all year!  Yay!!

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I plan to be there!  I can do some carp imping. And clapping with glee. And fighting.  :D

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Ah nice to see that this impalong occurs again right into my backyard. Will have a few RL dates there as well and likely arriving a bit later, but count me in as well. Can do some blacksmithing and carpentry and assisting the WS smith to get my skills up there finally also a bit ;)

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i will be there with my main - Olufus - and 1 or 2 priests

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I’ll be attending with Quelon to imp

90 Blacksmithing

95 Leather Working

95 plate smithing

94 Carpentry

85 Weapon Smithing

70’s Cloth Tailoring, Masonry, fine carp, ship building, toy making, chain smithing, jewelry smithing. 

will also have a Vyn priest to 70 channeling by then with me (68.25 currently)



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Will definitely be there.

I can imp blacksmithing and leatherworking items up to 90ql easily, so 70ql wont be any problem. I will help gladly.



Edited by Erhid

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Nice an Impalong on the Xanadu server  I will definitely be there and I will bring Kyoko along with me :) 

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Since Kaylessa was kind enough to volunteer me to come along with her, I can come and help out with blacksmithing. :)

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I'm dropping off 120 wine barrels between the imping building and the arena.  I'm sure I could drop them at a more convenient location, but I forgot to ask ahead of time!  It was easier to carry them in the racks, so they look all nice and neat!

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Will be there and Happy to help where we have over flow. I have a skill or two so just tell me where to go or will just wait and see where I might be needed. Aaedean


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On 11/7/2021 at 1:32 PM, Quelon said:


will also have a Vyn priest to 70 channeling by then with me (68.25 currently)



[23:51:01] <Vigilante> [23:50:36] You have just received the title 'Conduit'!

And there we go, count my vyn priest in too (Vigilante)

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I can come help out with Blacksmithing, Masonry, Carpentry and Fine Carpentry.

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Will come and help with imping! 
If room reservations are needed, please save one for me in Sailor’s Rest

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11 hours till opening! Woot.


I won't be able to join right away, but will probably sail in at some point during the weekend and then start participating full time starting Monday. Looking forward to seeing you all there once again!

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I need sleeping box for VirusMD (for smashing on the metal things) and Alexofkorova (98 channeling Benediction Vynora) . Im also bringing 250k favor to add to the pot.

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