[Auction over] Auction of a pair of hitchable 4-draft mules

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This is an auction of a pair(=2) of 4-draft mules.

I don't see a lot of people selling them in trade nor here on the forums.. So I figured I'd auction them with a low start bid. The bids for this auction will be for both combined, not separately.

The mules are old enough to be hitched.



Are mules even good?


According to my very non-scientific testing, this is the base speed of animals with no traits:




You should use mules if you..

  • Don't want to deal with hassle of hell horses which needs to be replaced every 3 months and are aggressive.
  • Ever wished you could put horseshoes on bison for wagons.

You should not use mules if you..

  • Can get a steady supply of draft traited hell horses to replaced at aged and don't mind them being aggressive.
  • Can't afford/get your hands on good mules.
  • Don't like how they look and that being important to you (they do be ugly..).
  • Want to breed the animals (mules are sterile and cannot be bred!)



Starting bid: 1s

Increment (minimum): 0.5s

Buyout: No buyout (Only a 2-day auction + I haven't seen any prices on 4dr mules, so this auction is also a price check)

Sniper Protection: 1 hour

Private Bids: not accepted. If you don't have a forum account, then feel free to pm me with a bid and I'll post it here as a comment with your name included.

Trade: pick up on cadence M20.






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Very nice. I've also been wondering about 4 draft mule pricing lately. 



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Thank you all for the bids and the PC!

Grats Aleck for winning the auction!

The exchange is completed!
For anyone who's about to call PETA; The mules did not end up getting mailed!

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57 minutes ago, Aleck said:

Awesome. Please mail them COD to Aleck :)

LOL dont think they fit a mailbox :) 


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