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Enki Sees Red!

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For a while, I have been semi inactive dealing with issues not relating to Wurm that has kept me from being as quick and courteous as I prefer to be with people.


During my semi away time a lot has happened among the people here and what I have found on my return has me seeing blood.   There are those among us harassing, and attacking the Developers and other Wurm team members which I will not tolerate.  If your name is brought before me I will simply cut you loose.  I will not waste my time on you anymore. 


At the same time I have been made aware of certain illicit activities occurring while I have been unavailable.  Things like exploiting ways into sealed mines via means clearly not intended.  We will hunt you down and remove you.


I have not been active with Discord moderation since its inclusion into our ecosystem, but I am very unhappy with the things I hear and I will turn that around.  No harassment shall be tolerated there.  I will not tolerate the use of inappropriate materials, harassment, or doxxing, or anything that is improper for our environment.


Make no mistake folks, I am very unhappy at all that has been transpiring, but know this,  I know you have been concerned about the lack of recent public updates, and all this doom and gloom is just a mood that people feel from time to time, public updates will resume when the Dev team are ready.  They are very busy and have lives too ya know.  They are not all machine and computer code unlike the rest of us, and I am here to help keep the game healthy and happy.


While I stand here enjoying my root beer float, a number of people's names are already being inscribed on my ban hammer.  So lets see where it falls as I slowly dig through my backlog of work!

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