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Duck call (hunter's tool)

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Requires a version of Locate cast as an enchant, to be anything more than a noisemaker. We do like noisemakers, don't we? (Toymaking to improve)


Enchanted version reports the relative location of nearby chickens, hens, roosters and pheasants. (To make mission success more likely, but at the cost of being noisy.)


And hopefully, someday... actual Wurmian ducks might start spawning in reaction! (Please count how often players use this feature.)

The Art of the Duck Call with Jase Robertson - YouTube




And there's always other hunting calls besides ducks. Deer, are another popular example.


Wurm has been silent in animal sounds too long. Maybe a call-reply from nearby animals would be enough to add some life to the game, without making the whole game too noisy for some?


I think it would be rather cool to try to zero-in on enemy location by calling out to their riding animals. :D Could add a reluctance to make noise as a function of one or more of the 'negative' traits.

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