Sandstorms, sandwurms and stronger turtles

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7 hours ago, Darnok said:


But that's a great reason to add sandstorms, because a desert isn't a place where happy people live.


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On 7/25/2021 at 4:45 AM, Drayka said:


My happiest times on PvE were whilst living on a hunting-deed on a mountainside in the middle of a huge desert. I never found that biome to be lacking. My mayor made lighthouses out of penned champ lava spiders. And our neighbour bred all sorts of monsters on her deed, well away from where anyone would consider it a potential threat to their gameplay. She was one of the happiest, most bubbly personalities I ever met. Always cheerful.


That said, I think both of them would have enjoyed having even more dangerous animals to play with. No idea how they would have felt about sandstorms.


Like I said before, today grass land is more dangerous than desert 🙂

One of the problems is animal migration, if NPCs were assigned to one or more biomes, but they couldn't leave them, it would probably solve some problems and maybe reduce server load caused by endless migration?

It would also allow for a certain map design improvement, because some biomes would be simple for beginners, while others would become available only after we get a horse or better equipment (because donkeys are quite slow), and there would be no way to go over them on foot.

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Fun fact. 


There's no such thing as a biome because this isn't Minecraft

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