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Krieg Leatherworks

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for orders you can contact Mortaric in game or leave a comment.



5-slot - 40c

6-slot - 60c

7-slot - 1s



50ql - 40c

60ql - 60c

70ql - 1s


Bridles / Saddle Bags/ backpacks/water skins:

20ql - 10c


Almanac / Archaelogy journal:

50ql - 40c

60ql - 60c

70ql - 1s

+ paper 30+ql 1c/each


Studded & Regular Leather Armour Sets, Leather barding for horse:

50ql - 1s

60ql - 2s

70ql - 3s


Additional leatherworking by request.

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