Unfermented Moonshine Affinity Timers

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So, as the name suggest this is about unfermented moonshine affinity timers. It's possible to hit 20+ hours of affinity timer with just  .20kgs of 50ql unfermented moonshine with the same or less work than it takes to make a full house pizza that only gives 6-7 hours. This seems like a bug to me considering if that same moonshine is fermented and distilled (which would or should make it more complex) will completely render that timer (and it's associated affinity) inert with at most a 1-2 hour timer at 90ql and a set affinity based on moonshine and not based on the work that went into preparing the beverage.


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The timers do not seem to be a bug from my understanding, as timers even higher then 20 per sip are possible (Much like how 1 bite pizza can reach up to the breaking point around 45 hours, which is a known bug but basically no priority for a fix since those hitting it are only a few players)


I would love to see the beverage system actually fixed but knowing there are exploits in parts of the system that have gone unfixed for years I just gave up on waiting for fixes and the system as a whole to be safe (though I know they are being used by others unpunished, I don't personally want to potentially face a ban)


My advice would be to put in a ticket, and have the GMs talk to the staff to see whats intended or not, as in my case that is what I did for certain things around beverages. Or see if you can get a dev through discord. 

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