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Drop Dirt in Caves & Cave Plants

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Lets give the caves some life. Dropping dirt and planting a wide variety of plant life for caves only. Also when breaking tiles you have a chance to find these seeds.

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You might have to make it where the dirt does not effect the slope of the caves though so that people don't use it as an easy way to level up cave floors.

If it is more so something to lay down on the floor, like how you pave tiles then that would be great :) I like the idea.  Plants in caves is a big yes!

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I agree that it should not modify the slopes so concrete is still needed. Love the idea of providing caves more life as currently they're pretty bland on their own.

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++1 to lively caves. But not dirt, because that would imply a lot of other mechanics that aren't relevant to the suggestion.


I'd go with a Transmutation Potion that can change a cave floor/wall into 'slime'.

Wire brush will remove slime.


Slimy floors slow walking pace, and have high slip value (>8 slope over diagonal).

Slimy walls have a high chance of growing luminous mushrooms.

Slimy ceilings have a chance of growing luminous vines and flowers.

Wet slimy floors have a chance of growing luminous kelp.


Slime spreads if tiles are not walked on.

Lava creatures, hell creatures and dragons have a very high chance of destroying nearby slime tiles.

Corrodes paving and reinforced tiles if it spreads to it.


Unreinforced slimy ceiling has chance to lower at corner.

Unreinforced slimy floor has chance to raise at corner.

Chance for stalagmite/stalactite tile to evolve. (water source tile)

Can collapse to limestone vein.


Cave entrance floors, ceilings and walls spawn more diverse flora, and can spawn naturally.

Mining a 'slimy' wall has a high chance to drop ingredients for the transmutation potion.

Slimy walls can cause neighbouring tiles to disintegrate, resulting in natural cave systems opening from 1-tile entrances.

Slimy walls leech minerals from nearby ore veins and aboveground meteorites, and drop nuggets of metal when mined.


Slimy tiles can be blessed, mutating the mechanics.

Blessed slimy tiles do not spread.

Floor is sticky - no slip up to 40 slope diagonal.

Increased chance of unreinforced neighbouring tile collapse.

Blessed, reinforced slimy walls get progressive bonus to reinforcement.

Blessed, reinforced slimy walls can mutate to ore vein (poor quality, low yield) depending on nearby tiles.


Slimy floor tiles can be enchanted, mutating the mechanics.

Increased chance of slime to spread nearby.

Grazing animals can now feed underground, but grazing has high chance of reverting tile to unenchanted.

Surface rock above enchanted slimy cave floor tile has chance to raise rock mesh slope towards dirt mesh level.



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