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Potion , mask

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# Oil of the blacksmith :

-51,92ql - 2s

-97,42ql - 3,5s

-64,71ql- 2s 

-57,87ql- 2s

-62,16ql- 2s

-77,11ql -2.5s 

#Potion of leatherworking 

-76,93ql - 3s

-74,99ql-  3s

- 81,68 ql- 3s

# Ointment of tailoring 

-98,50ql - 3s

#Potion of woodcuting

-43,29ql - 3s

-89,01ql- 4,5s

-66,39ql- 3,5s

#oil of the armour smith

-94,14ql - 5s

-96,89ql - 5s

#oil of the weapon smith 

-73,64ql - 4s

#potion of carpentry 

-72,47ql- 2,5s



- skull mask oleanderwood 1s

- black bear helm brass 1s

- skull mask silwer x3 1s

- black bear helm zinc 1s 

- skull mask gold 1s





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