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WU Geriatric Hermit Server

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So, I am a long time WO player, who well lets just say I wanted to find a server that was more relaxed and well modded, as WO just didn't offer some of the things I was looking for. I re-searched the WU servers, and found, that I really Like Geriatric Hermit Server. Its great, great community, were small but growing, I even met some WO players I had known. So if anyone is looking to for a great server with great mods, my favorite is the moon metals being added, oh and the bounty on animals. That and no monthly subscription fees. You can vote daily and get 50c to pay for deed upkeep. Hope to see you there, were a great group and hoping to grow the server population. Come find a home. See you there. Oh did I mention the Hunting server with Rift Mobs and Materials?

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