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flower boxes, bush changes, gate arches, stained glass

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It's me Bobb,  once more asking for the same old same old.

Please, window flower boxes, floral Garden gate arches, garden tiles where you can plant flower gardens, better flower vines, MUCH better looking bushes, especially the very non rosy rose bush, (aka ... stick with red dots).  

Nicer flower boxes than the rustic wooden ones we have, and could they be more continuous, no space between each box, ... maybe they could be made of stone, or marble .... AAAAnnnd  ....  Sunflowers! 

Sunflowers could be both decorative and useful. 

Stained glass windows, decorative window panes, (or any window panes).   OOOO OOOO .. and curtains would be nice .. I would very much appreciate a curtain or 2 .. yes.. curtains.. good idea Bobb.      

White plaster walls, maybe able to paint them! (where does she come up with these marvelous ideas?)

Though I try to be a fierce fighter, (not at all successfully) , Wurm is not all about bash the goblin, stabbity stab the spider,  kill the troll, ......   I have a feminine side too.  

 Stuff!! I WANT STUFF!!!! Stuff  to decorate with, stuff to enhance my Wurmy world...... as always with great respect.... please, please , please and thank you.  Bobb

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36 minutes ago, notstupidbobb said:

Stained glass windows, decorative window panes


Would love all this stuff. 


On ‎6‎/‎8‎/‎2020 at 1:24 AM, Cuddles said:


D98DE42CB67E62D05A41BC1AF50E68633AD26D0D (1280×720)


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