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Gravity no longer increases downhill speed of carts and wagons

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Gud'morning Dev Team,

Sunday, May 30th, 2021 at 16:23 GMT


One thing that needs looking at is the Removal of Gravity affecting the down hill speed of carts and wagons.


Going uphill speed falls back on a 20 slope or higher angle from 15.5kph on the flat to 7.5kph (used to be 16.8 to 8.8 with 5 speeds and high QL 90 WOA h-shoes, but not anymore).


Well when you start to Go down hill from a flat you used to accelerate from  16.8 to around 20 plus (more if Lightening burst kicked in).


This down hill acceleration to a higher speed now No longer occurs.


IF you drive your cart down hill, the cart now holds the speed it is capable of on a flat surface.

It is no longer accelerated by Gravity to a higher speed.


This removal of the influence of gravity on carts and wagons accelerating to a faster speed when being driven down a slope has taken away from all of us the tactic used by all for the past 10 plus years to escape being over run by mobs.


Can this be fixed please, so that gravity can once again will accelerate a cart or wagon being driven down hill to a faster speed?


Thank you for your time and trouble,


(Wurmian since 2012)

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This sounds pretty important to address.  Thanks for catching it!  I really wish we would just get a 2-4 speed boost on everything animal related, so the patch would not deliver so many setbacks to everyone.  All the imping and skill improvements should be bonuses, not playing catch up to where we used to be.

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First noticed this about a year or 2 back, its been like that for a while now. Not sure if it was intended.
If Im not mystaken, it happen after some bridge update...
Would love to c it fixed also. +1

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