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Yve's Carpentry + Fine Carpentry Tools NOW OPEN - P 16 - Port Crescendo (Cadence) 

Merchand on market in Port Crescendo (DUNCAN) or PM me directly for orders!





Carpentry + Fine Carpentry Tools: 

Grooming brush, Mallet, Spindal, Spatual, Clay Sharper, Rope tool: 
50QL – 30c 
60QL – 50c

70QL – 65c 

80QL – 90c

85QL - 1.8s 

90QL - 3.5s


Carpentry Items (PM - order only):
Large Crate – 30c 
Small Crate – 15c
Creature Cage – 1.5s
Large Storage Unit – 1.5s

Range Pole – As per tool QL cost


Fine Carpentry Items:

Alchemists Cupboard - 1s

Bulk Container Unit – 1.8s (PM-order only)
Beehive Empty – (50QL - 30c), (60QL - 50c), (70QL - 60c)
Active Beehive – 1s  (PM - order only)

Bed – 75c

Canopy Bed - 1.5s
Chicken Coop – 1s
Larder – 1s
Spinning Wheel – 60c

paper press - 1s 
Wardrobe – 75c

Wagon – 3.5s (PM - order only).



ALSO CHECK my merchant DUNCAN and MAISIE on Port Crescendo Market - you find them easily by looking for orange and blue flowerpots .b


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