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'Take' option for bulk containers

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I've just been watching a new player stream their first experience of Wurm Online.


Another player asked them to take some items out of a BSB, but they were unable to work out how do it. 

Neither Left or Right clicking on the items in the BSB brought any kind of options except Examine icon, Wurmpedia and Emote.


I would have expected at least a 'Take' option on the items in bulk containers, but there is no such option.


Of course as experienced players we *know* we can drag items out of the BSB into our inventory, but this was at no time obvious to the new player, who reported back that the BSB was not working.


Please add a right click 'Take' option to the items in bulk containers, which brings up the usual 'Removing items' dialog pop-up. Sometimes right clicking the contents of the BSB to take them is more intuitive to a new player.

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Yes, very annoying that you can only drag and drop. 

I want a quick "Take" option, followed by the quantity window like always. 


Not sure why this is not a thing yet. 

Do people enjoy drag & drop that much? Lol

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I met a trader who would buy from me and sell to me long before I encountered my first bsb, so I suspect that I was used to the idea that I had to drag things from my inventory and between panes by the time I encountered bulk storage.


Speaking of such things, when and why did traders stop "trading"?? I owe a lot to the lessons imparted to me by Starter Town NPCs. They allowed me to learn the basics of interacting with other Wurm humans long before I needed to deal with player-driven Wurm humans.


Could we at least have a reworked Heritage Trader in the Tutorial Zone to teach newbies about the physical mechanics of trading and interacting? With appropriate quests of course: Forage for this, botanise for that, butcher some meat from this animal corpse, take this net and bring me a fish. Take these ingredients and make me a breakfast. Wrap this food up for later.

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