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We provide metal and stone to the Southern Isles. We can provide high ql material

for your needs, your order can be ready for pickup/cod quickly as i keep it stocked

in general.


Lumps 91ql - 64kg


Iron, Zinc, Copper and Lead


1 lump - 65c (including cod)

5 lumps - 2s80c (including cod)

10 lumps - 5s50c (including cod) + 32kg lump 98ql

20 lumps or more send me a pm ingame or on the forums




Iron, Zinc, Copper items


91ql - 1s

93ql - 2s

95ql - 4s


Large items above 4kg add 30% to the price.


Stone items


Only sold when in stock.


Stone bricks

50-ish ql - 2s/1k (15k in stock) 

Collossus Bricks

50-ish ql - 2s/1k (4k in stock)

90-ish ql - 4s/1k (2k in stock)

Stone slabs

1s/300 (3300 in stock)

Sandstone slabs

1s/100 (1200 in stock)

Sandstone bricks

2s/1k (2k in stock)

Rounded stone bricks

2s/1k (3k in stock)


Pickup at M8 Magrathea Inc, delivarance !!


Guard tower kits (3 in stock)


Kit with all you need to build a guard tower


500 - 90ql bricks

500 - 90ql clay

100 - 90ql planks


Will be packed up in crates or bsb.


Pickup at M8 Magrathea Inc, Deliverance


Price: 4s



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