CADENCE - new stable "Black&Whites" - Port Crescendo P16

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CADENCE - P 16 - Port Crescendo -  "Yve's Black&Whites"  HORSES


Black & White stables are focusing on on Black, Ebony Black, Silver Black, White and Piebald pinto  with  POSITIVE TRAITS!

Some exception from my black & white colours will be Blood bay - AND - after the patch some more colours occasionly, which I will sell for a good price and all foals, as I will try to focus on my main black&white colours... 

PM me for more details!  DELIVERY in CADENCE possible, will be charged with 50c up to 1s, depending on distance! 




Speed traits for Horses

FM - Fleeter movement. +10% speed

LM - Lightning movement. +20% speed.

VSLM - Very strong leg muscles. 

AW - Accustomed to water.

UBF - Unbelievably fast. Rare

COLOUR Ebony adds an extra 2.5% speed boost


Draft Traits for Horses                                                                                                      Combat Traits for Horses                                                  

SB - Strong body. +10kg weight limit.                                                                  TB - Tough bugger.

CM - Carry more weight. +20kg weight limit.                                                      FF- It will fight fiercely

SL - Strong legs.                                                                                                             MF- Seems more friendly

EG - Its easy on its gear.                                                                                                   Loyal- It is especially loyal

STN - Stronger than normal. Rare                                                                         LMF- Looks more friendly than usual

MNN - More Nimble than normal. Rare                                                                 



YF - Young foal, Just born. (3 days)

AF - Adolescent foal. (10.5 days)

YH - Young horse.  Can be hitched to a cart and ridden (7 days)

AH - Adolescent horse. Can be hitched, ridden and bred.  (17.5 days)




SH= "It looks unusually strong and healthy": higher resistance to disease

SM - slow metabolism: eats less

sparkle = "It has a certain spark in its eyes": lives 50 % longer than normal

vibrant = "It seems vibrant": gives more output than normal

GE = It seems to be a graceful eater

PU- It seems to pick up stuff (more output)

Stationary= it looks stationary




---------------------------------------EBONY BLACK -------------------------------------------------------

- RAINCHAOS m ebony black  4 TR: FM, LM, VSLM, AW (55 POINTS) (YF) FOR SALE 3,5s (4 speed + ebony speed bonus)


4 speed 


--TWIRLRUN f appaloosa4 TR: FM, LM, VSLM, AW  (AF) FOR SALE 1,5s (4 speed)

---------------------------------------Blood bay-------------------------------------------------------

--PAINTGOLDEN blood bay, 4 TR: FM, LM, VSLM, AW (AF) FOR SALE 1,5s (4 speed)

--AJAXRAIN blood bay, 4 TR: FM, LM, VSLM, AW  (YH) FOR SALE 1s (4 speed)

---------------------------------------BLACK Silver-------------------------------------------------------

- RUNBLOOD m black silver,  4 TR: FM, LM, VSLM, AW  (AF) FOR SALE 1,5s (4 speed)

---------------------------------------BLACK -------------------------------------------------------

--VANILLARYTHM f  black,  5 TR: FM, LM, VSLM, AW, vibrant  (AF) FOR SALE 1s (4 speed)

---------------------------------------GOLD BUCKSKIN -------------------------------------------------

- RAGEERIK m gold buckskin, 5TR: FM, LM, VSLM, AW, MF  (AF) FOR SALE 1s (4 speed)



3 speeds

---------------------------------------Ebony BLACK---------------------------------------

BEARNORTH (ebony black); 5TR: FM, LM, AW, vibrant, staionaryl (AH) FOR SALE 55c (3 speed+)

LANDDUKE (ebony black); 6TR: FM, VSLM, AW, spark, slow Met., vibrant)(YF) FOR SALE 75c (3 speed+)

-- DAShBoNE m ebony black, 4 TR: LM, VSLM, AW, stationary (YH) FOR SALE 55c ( 3 speed)

XODASH (ebony black); 5TR: FM, VSLM, AW, GE, slowM (AF) FOR SALE 55c (3 speed+)

♀ - YAHYAOMEN f ebony black; 5 TR: FM, LM, VSLM, slow metabolism, vibrant (AF) FOR SALE 1,5s  (3 speed+)

---------------------------------------BLACK Silver-------------------------------------------------------

♀ - TAFFYPRANCE f bs; 5 TR: FM, LM, AW,  MF, slow metablosim (AF) FOR SALE 1s  (3 speed+)

--------------------------------------- WHITE ---------------------------------------

BLOODGREY m white; 4 TR: FM, SB, LM, SL  (60 POINTS) (aged) FOR SALE 50 c  (3 speed)

♀ -  APPLEJOLLY f white; 4 TR: FM, LM, AW, Picks (45 POINTS) (YH) FOR SALE 50 c (3 speed)


♀ -  FANCYWING f black; 4 TR: FM, LM, VSLM, MF (50POINTS) (YH) FOR SALE 50c (3 speed)

---------------------------------------BLOODBAY -----------------------------------------------

 - OMENTROT f blood bay; 4 TR: FM, LM, ,AW, vibrant (45 POINTS)(YH) FOR SALE 50c (3 speed)

♂-- ROCKSAGE m blood bay, 4 TR: FM, LM, VSLM, MF (50 POINTS) (AH) FOR SALE 50c (3 speed)

-------------------------------------- SKEWBALD PINTO ------------------------------------------

♂-- CLOUDVENTURE m skewbald, 4 TR: FM, LM, VSLM, MF (50 POINTS) (AH) FOR SALE 45 s (3 speed)

♂-- HANSTARI m skewbald, 4 TR: LM,  VSLM, AW, PU (45 POINTS) (AH) FOR SALE 45 s (3 speed)

WESTFLEA m (skew pin); 5TR:  LM, VSLM, AW, MF, pick up (55 POINTS)(YH) FOR SALE 45 c  (3 speed+)

TROTZIP m skewbald pinto,  3 TR: FM, LM, VSLM (45 POINTS)(AH) FOR SALE 45c (3 speed).

LADEBONY m skewbald pinto,  3 TR: LM, VSLM, AW (45 POINTS)(AH) FOR SALE 45 c (3 speed)

HONEYWARRIOR m (skew pin); 5TR:  FM, LM,  AW, MF, SM (55 POINTS)(AH) FOR SALE 45 c  (3 speed+).


♀ - DEPQUEEN f appaloosa; 5 TR: FM, LM, AW, pick up, stationary  FOR SALE 50c  (3 speed+)..

--------------------------------------CHESTNUT -----------------------------------------------------

♂ —MOUNTAINVENTURE m chestnut,  3 TR: FM, LM, VSLM (45 POINTS)(AH) FOR SALE 40 c (3 speed)

♂ —AJAXROLF m chestnut,  5 TR: FM, VSLM, AW, stationary, vibrant (45 POINTS)(AH) FOR SALE 40 c (3 speed+)





--------------------------------------- BLACK silver---------------------------------------------

—60  GAZERPADDY m black silver, 5 TR: SB, CM, SH, pick up, EG (YF) FOR SALE 2 s (3 DRAFTER +)

--------------------------------------CHESTNUT -----------------------------------------------------

 - 55 ECKERDALIA f chestnut; 3 TR: SB, CM,SL  (YH) FOR SALE 1s (3 drafter)






SADDLE & BRIDLE available, PM me 


HARMONY delivery pls ask










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