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Settlement Token - Build-in Wurmpedia Deeds

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Implement a system that once you own a Deed, you (as mayor) could join the wurmpedia and edit your deed page.
Once done, make sure that all deeds go towards one page that shows all server's deeds.

What the page could look like...
1. All Cadence Deeds
2. With build-in option that once a deed switches from "Not-Recruiting" to "Recruiting" that it will be on top of the pages list, automatically.

Show this page towards the people that have just finished the tutorial (when wurmpedia gets implemented again to the game)
That way they can contact with other people and learn the game better. Potentially having people stick longer in Wurm as well... As a result.

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It'd be really nice having some kind of public settlement directory. This seems like a decent way to go about it for the least amount of effort and coding required, especially if it lists a few stats by default like citizen count and productivity bonuses. It'd also be really nice if there was some way to export a settlement screenshot along with this.

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