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The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black was one of the largest, oldest, and wealthiest pure-blooded wizarding families.

It is time to bring the glory of the House to Wurm! 

The House of Black is my latest project and expected to be about a year's worth of work before it's hit an acceptable point.

I've made the mistake not to document my projects in other cases and have always regretted that, so here is my progress report for my deed: House of Black


The main goals of the deed:

♛ Cave Entrance Decoration

♛ Boat Cave

♛ Castle Outside

♛ Castle Inside

♛ All Meditation Tiles

♛ All deities altars

♛ Marketplace


There will be a House of Black market eventually. When this happens, I'll post the link to it here.


Thank You To...

...Antirg, who helped me set up my 3-tile mine entrance

...Mrbobby, who leveled the tiles I didn't have the skill for for free



Photos! Day #3 in this spot.





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Goodluck! Im following this cool project :D

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