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Wisdom of Vynora giving reduced sleep bonus on self cast

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Each Wisdom of Vynora cast on myself provides significantly less sleep bonus than has been expected in the past, usually I could expect from 3-10 minutes of extra sleep but the last number of casts have gained a maximum of 2 minutes. This problem only seems to occur when casting on myself as other people receive the old amount. The least amount of fatigue I have had during any cast has been 4 hours, so I have had plenty of time to convert.


The last (recorded) casts (please note the problem has remained unrecorded for a few days).








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its dependant on both cast power and remaining fatigue, 2-12 minutes for cast power than that is multiplied by remaining fatigue %, so like 6h remaining would be 1-6m, 3h would be 30s-3m and so on. you'll need to record your fatigue before the cast to test accurately but that just seems like others have more fatigue than you

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